Genius Messi and the opportunity to return to Barca

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In a recent interview, former Barcelona star Pedro expressed his preference between the genius Messi and the late legend Diego Maradona for the title of greatest football player of all time.


Even though he is 36 years old, Pedro is still an indispensable part of Maurizio Sarri’s squad at Lazio. After surpassing the milestone of 100 appearances with the “Eagles”, this winger scored 19 goals and 11 assists during his time with Lazio. The former Barcelona player currently has 14 appearances this season, including 4 matches in the Champions League.

Genius Messi is number 1
In an exclusive interview with Sportitalia, Pedro shared his views on Lionel Messi and his status as arguably the “greatest player” in football history. The former Chelsea striker seemed very clear in his choice, telling Tutto Napoli: “Messi. I think there is no comparison with Maradona. His achievements are incredible.


In every era of football, there have always been many great players, like Pele, Maradona, Cruyff,… But if I have to choose one person, it is definitely the genius Messi.”

Pedro’s point becomes clear when considering the fact he spent most of his club career at Barcelona alongside Lionel Messi. This agile winger was an important part of the Blaugrana squad that dominated Europe under coach Pep Guardiola in the early 2010s. Pedro had many opportunities to play at a high level when he played with La Pulga in the 270 times and scored 54 goals.

Graduating from the prestigious La Masia academy, the 2010 World Cup winner spent seven successful years at Barcelona, ​​winning every trophy at club level. Pedro won 21 trophies during his time with the Catalans, including five national league titles and three UEFA Champions League titles.

Opportunity for Messi to return to Barca



After more than two decades of association, many fans are hoping that Lionel Messi will return to Barcelona after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) ended last summer. However, the Argentine star chose to move to the US, signing with David Beckham’s team, Inter Miami.

A move to loan Messi back to Camp Nou was also rejected after a disappointing end to his first MLS campaign with Miami. However, Barcelona president Joan Laporta recently hinted at the possibility of Lionel Messi returning to Catalonia.

Mr. Laporta shared with SPORT: “It would be great if Messi appeared at the launch of the new Camp Nou stadium. This has been discussed, and if it takes place in June 2026, that is when Spotify Camp Nou will be completed.” , and it could also be an important day with Messi.”

At the age of 36, the 2022 World Cup winner has entered the twilight of his career. However, Messi returning to Barcelona in any form is a dream for every football fan, especially Culer.

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