Brother clarifies the case of Garnacho being unfollowed by Messi

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The news that Messi unfollowed MU star and Argentina junior teammate Alejandro Garnacho because of his love for Ronaldo caused a stir. This player’s brother spoke up to clarify.
Messi has recently been constantly entangled in scandals, both on the field and off. The Argentine captain has been criticized for behaving poorly since becoming world champion, with his recent argument with Rodrygo being an example. Or before that, the act of grabbing a Uruguayan player by the neck but not being carded by the referee…



A few days ago, Messi was rumored to be having trouble with his wife because he had an affair with fellow female journalist Sofia Martinez… Most recently, the great number 10 caused a stir with the news of unfollowing his juniors in the Argentina team. Alejandro Garnacho why MU idolizes Ronaldo and not him.

Back on the weekend, after scoring a beautiful goal for the Red Devils with a bicycle kick in a 3-0 win over Everton, Garnacho imitated Ronaldo’s ‘Siuuu’ celebration. Also from here, former MU midfielder Rio Ferdinand said that Garnacho himself told him that Messi had unfollowed Garnacho because this youngster idolized Ronaldo and considered the legendary number 7 to be the GOAT (Best Player of All Time). grand).

“Garnacho told me that Messi unfollowed him because he made no secret of liking Ronaldo more.”
Faced with information spreading rapidly, Garnacho’s brother had to speak out and ask people to stop spreading rumors.




“Completely fabricated. Messi has never followed Garnacho. Don’t make up stories to cause hatred. Garnacho loves and admires both Messi and Ronaldo, and you are trying to create aggression.

Saying this is not to target Rio Ferdinand but it is inaccurate information about Garnacho from many other people in general. I just want to clarify that.

I even watched the video of Messi introducing the World Cup to Garnacho. If you know how we celebrated.”

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