When the Cat Detects Something Fishy, It Rises on Its Hind Legs and Observes

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George the ginger cat is quite a character.

very time he hears something, gets suspicious of his surroundings or is curious about what his humans are doing, he stands on his two hind legs and just stares.

Meet George the inspector cat!

When he was little, he stood up on his hind feet whenever he spotted something suspicious!

Watching his humans prepare his food intensively.

George and his two feline siblings.

He has a habit of waiting by the bath when his humans use the bath tub.

When George doesn’t approve what his human is eating…

“Are you trying to copy me?”

George is questioning what his human is eating.

He is concerned about his human’s diet.

George wants to know everything that is going on! Nothing escapes his piercing eyes!

Waking up demanding breakfast!

When the sink water is running, George is on his two feet!

When the food is out of the oven, George stands up inspecting from afar


Waiting for treats on the dining table!

When he is not inspecting, he gives free hugs!

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