Top referee reveals interesting things about Messi

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Martinez is one of the best referees in Honduras, chosen to officiate at the 2022 Qatar World Cup and the 2023 Gold Cup final between Mexico and Panama.


This black king has officiated matches with the participation of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, two legends of world football.

Speaking on AS, Martinez said: “They are two completely different personalities, but both are excellent players. I don’t think anyone stands out more than the other. Messi is a bit more calm, he is a football player and thinks about his game faster than anything else.

Cristiano Ronaldo shows a little more without being disrespectful. But being a referee for them is definitely a privilege that anyone would want to have. Seeing them both score from a free kick is something I will never forget.”

The referee added: “With Messi, we shook hands before the match. I greeted him and he thanked me. At the end of the match, I also remember that when everyone chanted his name, he came shook my hand, I will always remember that.”

“With Cristiano, my anecdote is that he complained, confronted me because I didn’t allow him to score two goals. He didn’t even believe in VAR.

Before the second half started, I called him over and let him know that I didn’t like the way he was approaching me. He admitted he was wrong and agreed with me. After that, Ronaldo focused on playing and scored an extraordinary goal from a free kick, helping his team win.”

Cr7 has just had a quite successful season in the Saudi Arabian League in 2023 with Al-Nassr when he became the world’s highest goal scorer in the calendar year with 54 goals in 50 appearances.

Meanwhile, Messi scored 28 goals in 44 appearances. Of those 28 goals, 11 belonged to Inter Miami.

Top referee reveals interesting things about Messi

C.Ronaldo’s lob masterpiece has also just entered the list of the most beautiful goals of 2023, along with Garnacho’s “upside down bicycle” finish.

Among the super products of 2023 are the names of stars such as Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Bellingham, Gundogan, Marcus Rashford, Lewandowski…

Entering the new year, Messi and Ronaldo will head to two major national team tournaments next summer, where Ronaldo enters the 6th Euro of his career and Messi will defend his throne at Copa America.

Notably, fate will arrange for these two stars to face each other again early next year when Al Nassr and Inter Miami will clash in a match within the framework of the 2024 Riyadh Season Cup.

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