This Will Explode Wildly”: Johnny Depp’s Fervent Fans Mock Disney’s All-Female Pirates of the Caribbean 6 with Ayo Edebir

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Ayo Edebiri reportedly appearing in Margot Robbie’s all-female-led Pirates movie got Johnny Depp’s fans infuriated.

"This would bomb so hard": Every Hardcore Johnny Depp Fan is Scoffing at Disney’s New All-Female Pirates of the Caribbean 6 With Ayo EdebiriHands down, nothing can beat Johnny Depp’s representation of Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. But with his defamation trials against Amber Heard, the actor lost several acclaimed roles and his hard-earned reputation, which forced Disney to drop Depp from further association.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in a still from Pirates of the CaribbeanThus, currently, with Pirates of the Caribbean 6 being in talks, it is being reported that Disney is currently working on Margot Robbie’s pitched reboot idea, with a female-led cast. Eyeing Ayo Edebiri to star in the movie, Disney is planning on completing Robbie’s pitch with screenwriter Craig Mazin and Ted Elliott’s script. But unfortunately, Johnny Depp’s fans are not happy with it.

Ayo Edebiri To Appear in Margot Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean 

Following Johnny Depp‘s notorious defamation trial against Amber Heard that punctured his reputation and fame, the actor lost his association with Disney and Warner Bros. This led to Depp losing his Pirates of the Caribbean projects and Fantastic Beasts movies. Therefore, after dropping Depp from the Pirates franchise, Disney turned toward Margot Robbie who had an iconic pitch. Johnny Depp in Dead Man's Chest

With Disney looking to create their next Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, they got two ideas in 2020, as per Variety reports. One was from screenwriter Craig Mazin and Ted Elliott, while the other was Margot Robbie’s all-female-led Pirates reboot. But it appeared that since the screenwriters had worked with the studio in previous films, they picked Mazin and Elliott’s script over Robbie’s pitch.

Ayo EdebiriBut then, the franchise’s producer Jerry Bruckheimer clarified that the script for Margot Robbie’s Pirates movie will “come forward at a certain point.” Now it seems, they are finally focusing on Robbie’s pitch, as they are reportedly looking to cast Ayo Edebiri in a leading role via DanielRPK. While prioritizing Mazin and Elliot’s script, Bruckheimer noted that Robbie’s project wasn’t completely dead.

Johnny Depp’s Fans Are Mocking the All-Female Pirates Reboot 

As the reports of Disney proceeding with Margot Robbie‘s all-female-led Pirates of the Caribbean movie hit the internet, Johnny Depp’s fans lost their minds. Previously rallying against Disney for taking out the actor from the franchise, Depp’s fans are now infuriated with the reboot idea.Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Slamming the idea of an all-female-led Pirates reboot, Depp’s fans filled the comments section on X, with sarcasm and mockery. Some claimed that the movie would fail immediately upon release due to a lack of Johnny Depp, others noted how the franchise wouldn’t be the same without the OG Captain Jack Sparrow.

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