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When it comes to black cats, they exude an undeniable sense of coolness. The adorable black paw pads, twitchy black whiskers, and sleek, lustrous black fur make them stand out from the crowd. Meet Kole, a magnificent black cat weighing an impressive 17 lbs. His eyes, with their mesmerizing green-yellow shade and round pupils, immediately capture your attention. Unlike most felines, Kole has a unique fondness for dressing up and striking a pose for the camera. Intrigued by this cool cat, I reached out to his owner in the hopes of featuring him on our platform. Thankfully, she graciously agreed. Let’s take a moment to get acquainted with this remarkable black cat that is bound to win your heart…

How did Kole become a part of your life?
Growing up, I had always desired to have a cat as a pet. Unfortunately, my younger brother’s severe allergies prevented us from keeping one indoors. However, after getting married, I embarked on a search for a feline companion. I specifically sought out a breed that would be hypoallergenic to allow my brother to interact with it during his visits. That’s when I stumbled upon the Siberian breed, known for their hypoallergenic qualities. Intrigued, I began my quest to find a Siberian cat and came across a rescue page. The page mentioned that a litter of Siberian kittens had been rescued from an inhumane breeder. Eager to meet them, my husband and I arranged a visit. Among the kittens, Kole stood out as he fearlessly snuggled into our laps. It was in that moment that we knew Kole was meant to be a part of our lives.

How did Kole get his name?
Interestingly, Kole’s name was chosen by the rescuer who had saved him. Born around Christmas time, the rescuer had named Kole and his siblings after festive elements. Kole’s name is a playful twist on the word “coal” due to his black fur. However, while considering the possibility of changing his name, I delved deeper into its meaning. I discovered that “Kole” is actually the diminutive version or nickname for “Niklaus,” which is Slavic for “Nicholas” like St. Nicholas. As someone who adores Christmas, I felt that the name suited him perfectly. Additionally, it snowed on the day we brought Kole home, a rare occurrence in our area. This only reinforced my belief that he was our special snow cat who deserved a Christmassy name.

What are his preferred pastimes?
Kole’s preferred pastimes likely revolve around eating, sleeping, and cuddling. I quickly realized that he has quite the appetite, and I had to regulate his caloric intake. However, whenever he gets his meal, his purrs sound like a motorboat, so even with the restrictions, he remains a contented boy. Like most cats, he thoroughly enjoys sleeping, and his favored nap spots include sprawled out and belly up on the floor or nestled in the warmth of a beloved human’s lap. Once he decides to take a nap on you, be prepared to stay seated for the next couple of hours.

It seems that Kole has a sense of style. How does he feel about wearing clothes?
Haha, yes! Initially, I would only dress him up in Halloween costumes to take a quick picture and promptly remove the outfit to avoid distressing him. However, I soon discovered that he doesn’t actually hate wearing clothes. In fact, he seems to relish the attention and sometimes, the shirts even make him more inclined to snuggle. I never leave the clothes on him for an extended period and always keep a watchful eye, but he genuinely appears to enjoy being a little model—especially since there are always plenty of treats involved.

Does he live with any canine or feline companions at home?
Certainly! Kole shares his home with a senior sibling named King, a petite Yorkshire Terrier weighing only 6 pounds. King used to be the pack leader until Kole arrived on the scene. Despite his small stature, King had the audacity to boss around dogs much larger than him. However, when Kole joined the family at just 3 months old, he made it abundantly clear that he was the one in charge. Adding to that, Kole is three times the size of King, making his authority even more evident. Despite their roles, Kole still loves playing with King, often attempting to surprise him with sudden pounces. Unfortunately, King doesn’t quite grasp the language of cats, so he declines to engage in this particular game. Nevertheless, they do frequently snuggle together on the couch alongside their human companions.

What makes Kole special?
One remarkable trait that sets Kole apart, and something I haven’t seen in any of my previous pets, is his apparent empathy. Although I’m unsure about the extent of his understanding, whenever I’m feeling particularly stressed or upset, he always senses it and immediately seeks comfort in my lap, offering long cuddles. It’s as if he knows exactly what I need and how to console me. Additionally, Kole has developed a unique way of communicating with his humans. He has a distinct meow for different situations. When he’s being scolded for misbehaving, he lets out a whiny “ME-OOW!”. If someone asks if he’s hungry, his response is an enthusiastic “Meow! Meow! Meow!”. And when met with affectionate baby-talk, he responds with a soft, delicate “me-ow”, accompanied by head rubs. Kole is truly our extraordinary companion, and we adore him.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Kole’s loving owner for granting me permission to share his incredible journey and captivating snapshots with all the devoted readers of Cattitude Daily. If you’re curious to learn more about this fascinating ebony feline, make sure to visit his mesmerizing Instagram profile.


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