Guardian Tom: A Heartwarming Tale of a Male Cat Nurturing Two Rescue Kittens into Beautiful Feline Companions

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A family brought home two little kittens in need of motherly love. Their older cat took them under his wing and decided to become their new dad.

Meet Amelie and Canele!

This brother and sister duo came to their new home after they were rescued from a shelter at two months old. Once they settled in, they were introduced to the 3-year-old feline resident, Sora.

Right away, the kittens wanted his attention and would run up to him when he was drinking water or just napping in a cat bed.

“Sora was a bit cautious at first, but soon he began to take care of them,” Rie told Love Meow.

The older cat started grooming the kittens several times a day, and even carried them like a cat mother would from one spot to another for more cuddles and bath time.

“Amelie and Canele trusted Sora from the day they met. They loved him before I even knew it,” Rie said.

The kittens became very attached to their new dad.

Cuddle time with Papa Sora!

Papa Sora taught the kittens how to drink water from a bowl and many other feline skills.

The kittens looked up to him and followed him around the house.

Mimicking their papa.

They play together, and Papa Sora watches over them every step of the way.

By the end of the day, they are always snuggling in a cuddle puddle.

Sora is also a rescue that the family took in when he was just a kitten. Now he is giving the same love that he received to these two siblings and raising them as his own.

Eight months later, their bond is stronger than ever!

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