“Getting Ready to Fight Hercules”: “Thor” Chris Hemsworth’s Gruelling Workout Blows Up Internet.

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Chris Hemsworth is not only Thor in the Marvel movies but resembles him even in real life. This is because his physique and dedication to fitness are unparalleled. The Australian actor’s zeal for overcoming different challenges through fitness was seen in the miniseries Limitless on Disney Plus.

Now he is showing his prowess in an Instagram video where he is rigorously working out for the team, and the fans are going crazy seeing it.

Chris Hemsworth shows off his strength and power

The video started with him holding kettlebell weights and pulling them up for an arm exercise as if they weighed nothing. When he went on to do some bicep curls and after that switched to working his arms with a gym rubber ball. His intensity in the exercise was visible through the screen and his biceps were jacked and chiseled. Hemsworth also ran on the treadmill, and it almost seemed like he was preparing for a marathon.

He captioned the post saying, “I love this type of workout. Being able to cover a lot of bases, explosiveness, strength, stability, speed, and hypertrophy helps me feel functional and strong 💪” He also gave the details of the workout he did and wrote, “Workout -ball slam, overhead farmers carry, squat/curl/press, kettlebell snatches, tricep extension, underhand bent over row and sprints. Continually moving for around 40 minutes. Thanks @centrfit for the inspiration.”

Hemsworth trained with Ross Edgley and also showed his prowess in Limitless. He also declared how he is preparing to embark on the second season and push his boundaries for an exhilarating ride. The fans cheer him on and praise him for his dedication to fitness.

Followers cannot keep their calm

All the comments were about how it was extremely capable of handling heavyweights as if it was nothing. One of the fans commented about how he’s getting into fighting shape for one powerful entity in mythology. They said, “He is getting ready to fight Hercules.”

Another fan hilariously commented, “He’s imagining The Ball is Hulk 😂😂”

One follower pointed out how watching the video for them was exhausting. They said, “Thanks for the workout, Chris. This video was exhausting.”

Finally, another fan said, “Love these workouts.”

The actor is not afraid of challenges and is driving headfirst into them for the second season of Limitless. Are you excited to see him overcome his fears again?

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