“Exciting MCU revelation: Henry Cavill’s Captain Britain poised to lead the new Avengers team alongside Emilia Clarke, setting the stage for an epic superhero saga.”

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The MCU is a universe of mass possibilities, thanks to the ongoing Multiverse Saga. With the power of the multiverse now unlocked and an endless number of characters, there is one MCU show that would perhaps help bring Henry Cavill to Marvel, just as fans have been campaigning for a long time.

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MCU’s Multiverse Saga teases many possibilities

The show is Secret Invasion, and thanks to the vastness of the storyline, it might set up Emilia Clarke’s G’iah leading the British Avengers, as one fan stated on Reddit. With the potential of a British Avengers team on the way, the door for Cavill’s entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain is wide open, since he is the top choice for the character among Marvel fans.

Emilia Clarke’s G’iah Could Set Up A Potential British Avengers Team In MCU

Emilia Clarke as G’iah in Secret Invasion

Although Secret Invasion failed to excite the viewers, the show holds a landmine of possibilities. With Emilia Clarke‘s G’iah becoming one of if not the most powerful creatures in the MCU as of now, thanks to the Harvest, she can lead what can be one of the ‘variants’ of the original Avengers.

The last of the show featured G’iah entering into what could become a strong partnership with Sonya Falsworth, a high-ranking MI6 Operative. This potential collaboration has generated a significant amount of theories, one of which is Falsworth acting as the British version of Nick Fury and creating a British Avengers team.

Henry Cavill Is Ready to Join the MCU as Captain Britain

Marvel already has a plethora of stories thanks to its UK Imprint. While there hasn’t been a British Avengers team literally in the comic books, there are teams that somewhat resemble the idea. One example is Excalibur, led by Captain Britain.

Furthermore, many UK-based characters have already been introduced in the MCU like Dane Whitman, Sersi, Moon Knight, etc. Although this is all theory, if it were to be true, this could be the perfect premise to have Henry Cavill in the MCU as Captain Britain.


Henry Cavill Is The Perfect Choice For Captain Britain

Henry Cavill is fan’s top choice for Captain Britain

Ever since his exit from the DC Universe, Marvel fans have been campaigning for Henry Cavill to join the MCU and one of the leading characters for him to portray is Captain Britain. After already having proven his ability to play a fantasy superhuman role, he is the perfect choice to play Brian Braddock, Earth-616’s original Captain Britain.

Even Endgame teased the possibility of Braddock existing in the MCU when Captain America travels back in time to get the Pym particles and spots Peggy Carter talking about some Braddock. Furthermore with Braddock helming Marvel’s most significant team-ups aka the Captain Britain Corps, the protectors of the multiverse, Captain Britain making an appearance in the MCU seems inevitable for now.

Since Henry Cavill is the perfect person to play him, and the possibility of a British Avengers team, if this theory were to actually take place, it would make one of the most interesting storylines in the MCU and give it the much-needed juice it is lacking as of now.

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