Chris Hemsworth’s Son Adorably Crashes Dad’s Interview and Smiles for the Camera.

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Like many families social distancing at home amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Chris Hemsworth is having to juggle work and parental duties.

On Wednesday, Hemsworth’s son hilariously crashed the actor’s interview with Australian radio station Triple M.

Hemsworth, was in the middle of discussing his upcoming Netflix film Extraction when his kids erupted in chatter off camera.

Hemsworth shares 6-year-old twin sons Tristan and Sasha and daughter India Rose, 7, with wife Elsa Pataky.

“That’s my kids in the background!” Hemsworth told host Luke Darcy while telling his kids to hush.

One of his sons, however, had other plans and promptly joined his dad on camera. It is not immediately clear if the child in the clip is Tristan or Sasha.

The young boy smiled into the camera briefly before making an exit after Hemsworth whispered something in his ear.

The kids continued to steal the show as Hemsworth said later on, “Sorry, my son is throwing pillows at the computer.”

“Buddy, just hang on. It’s going to knock off the [monitor],” Chris said while trying to re-adjust the screen.

The cameo proved to be the highlight of the interview as Darcy said, “I’m enjoying this interview already because I’m watching Chris, who can do anything, Hollywood star, life’s going beautifully, but like all of us, can’t keep his kids under control.”

Extraction will premiere on Netflix on April 24.

Earlier this year, Pataky shared a rare glimpse into how she raises her three kids with Hemsworth.

The actress starred alongside her brood for the February cover of Vogue Australia.

The cover, which was shot in Byron Bay, Australia where they now live, marked a rare occurrence for the couple, who are often private about sharing their children on social media.

In the cover story, Pataky opened up about why she and Hemsworth decided to leave Hollywood for the actor’s native country of Australia.

Chris Hemsworth

“My daughter started to get scared of photos, actually,” the mom of three, 43, explained of the effect that the paparazzi had on their family life. “So we realized this is not a way to live, because you just become enclosed in a house. I love nature and I love to be outside, and I wanted my kids to have that freedom, so we decided to leave.”

The Fast and Furious star added that she went through “a big change“ after moving to Australia and giving up acting opportunities in Los Angeles.

“My goal was always, when I have kids, to be in a place that’s not the city. I want them to grow up in nature, because I crave that,” she said. “But that step did take me away from one of my big passions in life: acting, and it was a big change. But I changed my life to be a mum, which I think is just the most amazing thing in the world.“


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