Chris Hemsworth’s Latest Battle Is With His Toughest Adversary Yet: Himself. dung123

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He’s taken on Thanos, Gorr and international crime lords, but Chris Hemsworth faces his toughest battle yet.
Actor Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is dying. He’s just blasted through Sunset Pines Retirement Village on a gurney, ambulance lights flashing. The defibrillator paddles fail; all that’s left is a long, flatlining beep. Then darkness. A death doula hovers over his head.

But more on that later, because he’s back from the Great Beyond to answer a gravely important question: What the hell is that new tattoo? It looks like he’s planning to cheat on an AP Geometry quiz at Pink Floyd University.

“Ha,” he booms, squinting down at the overlapping prisms, circles and parallelograms inked inside his right forearm. “I listen to a lot of Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. ‘Time’ is great, ‘The Great Gig in the Sky,’ that whole album is pretty fascinating.” He pauses. “You a fan?” he asks, and it feels like we’re having beers at a pub, even though we’re on different continents, with the sun rising in America and the sky darkening outside of his hotel room in the center of Sydney, Australia.

Actor Chris Hemsworth posing in green button-down on stool

It’s disarming, this level of laid-back geniality from a deity (Thor, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock named Korg) with the No. 1 movie in the world at press time (Thor: Love and Thunder; see aforementioned rock), which, with his previous three films in the franchise, has grossed over $2.5 billion globally—and that’s not even counting clams from the other five Avengers films he’s graced in the nearly $30 billion-grossing MCU machine. Multiply that by the crowd-pulling power of his other ass-kicking hero, Tyler Rake in Extraction, Netflix’s most-watched original film ever, and it’s clear the world is mainlining Hem’s freshly cut content faster than a Dhaka drug lord.

What’s more, the guy who seemingly has all the time in the world to chat has spent his entire day sweating it out on the set of Furiosa, the hotly anticipated 2024 prequel to Oscar-winning Mad Max: Fury RoadFuriosa will be the biggest film ever made in Australia, with a $185 million budget, 528 times that of the 1979 original in the saga.

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