Whispers of Humanity: Unveiling ‘Shiver,’ the Eerie Tree Reflecting Life’s Enigmatic Essence

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Mother Nature gives people a lot of wonderful things and there is no shortage of strange things. One of them is probably the tree that makes many people surprised because it “bleeds” when it is cut on the trunk.

It is known that this special plant is called Corymbia opaca (originating from Australia) or is also known by the people here as the desert blood tree

At first glance Corymbia opaca is very similar to many other plants, but it is only when they are “injured” by a certain cut that they are truly different. Because this plant will appear dark red liquid streaks like blood that look very scary.

Although, on the surface, they are not different from other varieties, but something special happens when you cut a line on the trunk that makes dark red liquid streaks appear.

The “blood” of this desert blood plant is not liquid like water, but rather thick and sticky like glue. They flow down in streams and then quickly dry, clinging to the trunk.

Not only noted for their strange “blood”, Corymbia opaca is also known for their wonderful uses. According to research, Australian aborigines often harvest tree sap (containing a large amount of tannin – a substance commonly used in medicine) to prepare medicine to treat colds as well as a number of other diseases.

Although not harmful to humans, the sight of this sap must have made many people shudder.

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