When Young Angelina Jolie’s Natural Beauty Left Us Spellbound With That Extraordinary Glow & Damn

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When Young Angelina Jolie Decided To Go Bare Face Sans Makeup & Radiated That Killer Natural Glow!

Angelina Jolie often leaves fans bewitched by her beauty. One of the most successful faces of Hollywood, Angelina’s beauty has stood the test of time as she continues to age like fine wine. While we are always in awe of the 47-year-old actress, young Angie was a sight to behold. At a time when everyone was obsessed with getting work done, Jolie’s natural beauty always managed to grab all the eyeballs.

Jolie’s style has always managed to stand out. Known for her exquisite sartorial choices, the actress’s wardrobe screams sophistication. Besides her effervescent beauty, Angie is also known for being a doting mother to her six. She has also been at the forefront of voicing opinions for children and women’s rights, making a mark with her humanitarian work.

Angelina Jolie boasts a rich and varied filmography as she continues to experiment with her roles, refusing to stick to basics. The Maleficent star can be your girl next door as well as an ‘Eternal’ superhero. And if we talk about her beauty, we all know how every handsome hunk in Hollywood once in their lives couldn’t resist falling head over heels for her.

Be it back in Y2K or now, Angie has always captivated us with her looks, and today, we happen to stumble upon her throwback pics that have our hearts.

All of twenty-seven, Angelina Jolie was photographed by Munawar Hosain in 2003. Her natural pink lips, gleaming eyes, and infectious smile can make anyone go weak in the knees. Also, who needs blush when you are Angelina Jolie?

The Mr. & Mrs. Smith star was seen posing in a black t-shirt worn underneath an off-white shrug. She wore pearl earrings and a ring, while her messy tousled hair cascaded on her shoulder freely.

Angelina Jolie has always been a stunner. One look at her red carpet appearances, and you know she chooses sophistication over anything any day. Her personal style also includes chic and classy outfits. There has hardly been any when she decided to step out and did not make onlookers turn their heads at least twice – She’s Hollywood royalty after all.

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