When Paul Bettany Asked Jason Statham To Hire ‘Acting Double’ In His Sarcastic Dig Over Latter Dissing Marvel For Being All About ‘Stunt Doubles’, ‘Green Screen’ & ‘$200 Million Budget’

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Avengers’ Paul Bettany once blasted Jason Statham after his brutal remarks on the Marvel Universe movies. Read on!

Paul Bettany Blasted Jason Statham To Hire Acting Double
Avengers’ Paul Bettany Replied To Jason Statham’s Comment On MCU (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Jason Statham is among those who are not so Marvel fans. The actor has previously expressed his opinions, which were a bit harsh, about how actors use a stunt double in the MCU movies and how he does not really likes them. Reacting to the comment, one of the Avengers’ Vision actor Paul Bettany had a befitting reply as he didn’t waste time responding with his own thoughts. Read on to know more about the feud between the two actors.

The Fast X star once commented how his grandma could do stunts like Marvel actors did when he asked to join the franchise. While his comments encouraged a rage of reactions, Bettany, who appeared as Vision in the MCU, blasted the actor. As Statham didn’t sound like much of a fan of the franchise, he revealed that he hadn’t been pitched to play any parts in the films, nor was he interested.

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Replying to the comments by the Fast & Furious alumni member, Paul Bettany blasted the actor on Conan O’Brien’s show. The Avengers actor appreciated Jason Statham for his work and said, “I don’t know why anybody would talk smack about something. He’s brilliant at what he does. I couldn’t do it.” Paul later explained his take on the situation as he explained how even producers ask to get a stunt double for a difficult scene, and it’s too risky. “You know, potentially, he should maybe think about investing in like an acting double,” said the actor.

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Paul took a sly dig at Statham’s acting and commented, “If there’s a really, really tricky scene with some very tricky dialogue, one might consider bringing in an acting double for Jason Statham”. The actor ended up saying, “I would never talk s*it about somebody else’s work.”

The Fast & Furious gave a statement about how his grandma can do all the stunts with a green screen on as he blasted the MCU movies. He even commented how the $200 Million Budget movies are nothing for him. With all that, the feud between Jason Statham and Paul Bettany did not get any further comments.

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