The Top 30 Images from the 2021 BigPicture Natural World Photography Contest Showcase Mother Nature’s Finest Photographs

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People who submit their work to the BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition go above and beyond to catch the right picture at the right time. And though there is a monetary prize to the winner, the competition hopes that these breath-taking images from all around the world will inspire others to protect and conserve our planet.

#1 Aquatic Life, Finalist: ‘Treasure On Ice’ By ‍marek Jackowski, Svalbard, Norway

Lauren CaswellThat’s just so sad. I don’t have words for it, my heart just breaks at what we have done▲ 63 ▼

#2 Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: ‘Tough Negotiation’ By Ayala Fishaimer, Judean Foothills, Israel

Kookamunga“Look, let’s be reasonable here – can we make a deal or something?”▲ 63 ▼

#3 Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: ‘Felis Silvestris’ By Vladimir Cech Jr., Doupov Mountains, Czech Republic

JenniGWhat a beautiful tail!▲ 60 ▼

#4 Grand Prize: ‘Hope In A Burned Plantation’ By Jo-Anne Mcarthur, Mallacoota, Australia

denzorenBeautiful and tragic. I hope both her and her joey are doing well.▲ 51 ▼

#5 Terrestrial Wildlife, Winner: ‘Boss’ By Michelle Valberg, Great Bear Rainforest, Canada

CatManShake it off▲ 48 ▼

#6 Human/Nature, Finalist: ‘Why Did The Sloth Cross The Road?’ By Andrew Whitworth, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

CatManGrass type pokémon▲ 47 ▼

#7 Art Of Nature, Winner: ‘The Goblet Of Fire’ By Sarang Naik, Toplepada, India

Purple Panda Rae’nWha-ow! Just, W-O-W!!!▲ 43 ▼

#8 Aquatic Life, Finalist: ‘Orcas Under The Arctic Sun’ By ‍andy Schmid, Skjervøy, Norway

JenniGThat play of light through the water is magic▲ 43 ▼

#9 Aquatic Life, Winner: ‘Barracuda’ By Yung-Sen Wu, Koror, Palau

denzorenNow that is dedication.▲ 42 ▼

#10 Aquatic Life, Finalist: ‘Facing Reality’ By Amos Nachoum, Pleneau Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Amy Begun SaabThat looks like a dinosaur or something▲ 42 ▼

#11 Aquatic Life, Finalist: ‘Private Moment Of Milk Feeding’ By ‍mike Korostelev, Indian Ocean

therarestbananaDo female whales have nipples or do they shoot their milk straight out of a gland? Does anybody know?▲ 42 ▼

#12 Landscapes, Waterscapes, And Flora: Finalist: ‘Beautiful Water’ By Kazuaki Koseki, Inawashiro, Japan

RiderThis is now my wallpaper▲ 40 ▼

#13 Human/Nature, Finalist: ‘Foxfence’ By Peter Mather, Whitehorse, Canada

Soph the LoafWhat an adorable little fox!▲ 38 ▼

#14 Art Of Nature, Finalist: ‘Vortex’ By ‍angel Fitor, Mar Menor, Spain

TheAnimalLadySurreal 🙉, like a cloud formation that an angel is about to descend through 👼😻😇▲ 35 ▼

#15 Human/Nature, Finalist: ‘A Daring Rescue’ By Ami Vitale, Ruko Community Conservancy, Kenya

Suzy the observerThank you!!!▲ 32 ▼

#16 Photo Story: Out Of The Ordinary: ‘Klukshu Ice Bears 4/6’ By ‍peter Mather, Yukon Territory, Canada

TheAnimalLady🎼🎶🎵 She works hard for the money-catch 🎸🎶🎵▲ 32 ▼

#17 Winged Life, Winner: ‘Beak To Beak’ By Shane Kalyn, Mount Seymour Provincial Park, Canada

CrunChewy McSandybuttCorvids are the best types of birds▲ 30 ▼

#18 Landscapes, Waterscapes, And Flora: Winner: ‘Another Planet’ By Fran Rubia, Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland

therarestbananaLooks like an alien planet somewhere in outer space. Neat.▲ 28 ▼

#19 Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: ‘Microspur1’ By Lung-Tsai Wang, Unspecified Mountains, Taiwan

monsa8Reminds me of Highlander “There can be only one”▲ 28 ▼

#20 Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: ‘Come High Water’ By ‍mac Stone, Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, United States

Angelina Waldehmis that her cub ?▲ 27 ▼

#21 Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: ‘Jumbo Roadblock’ By Jagdeep Rajput, Corbett National Park, India

IguanaStampedeThat picture is of African elephants if I am not mistaken▲ 26 ▼

#22 Winged Life, Finalist: ‘Stages Of Life’ By ‍kurt Bertels, Nicosia, Cyprus

TheAnimalLady🎼🎶🎵 Owl be seeing you in owl the owl familiar places 🪕 🎶🎵▲ 26 ▼

#23 Human/Nature, Finalist: ‘Mon Cheri’ By Guido Villani, Naples, Italy

Suzy the observerGrrr!▲ 26 ▼

#24 Photo Story: Out Of The Ordinary: ‘Klukshu Ice Bears 2/6’ By ‍peter Mather, Yukon Territory, Canada

▲ 26 ▼

#25 Human/Nature, Finalist: ‘Dolphin’s Hug’ By Jaime Rojo, Puerto Nariño, Colombia

TheAnimalLadyDoes anyone know why they aren’t tagging on site instead of stressing and endangering it by transporting? That seems counterintuitive to all my years of rescue and the research I’ve done.▲ 25 ▼

#26 Winged Life, Finalist: ‘Flamingo Flying Over Lake Magadi’ By ‍yang Jiao, Magadi, Kenya

TheAnimalLadyMakes me think of Jackson Pollock 🎨👨‍🎨▲ 24 ▼

#27 Landscapes, Waterscapes, And Flora: Finalist: ‘Tree Of Life’ By ‍anette Mossbacher, Ruacana Falls, Namibia

TheAnimalLadyTalk about “Survival of the Fittest” 🙉▲ 24 ▼

#28 Art Of Nature, Finalist: ‘Little Comets’ By Alexey Korolyov, Kremyonki, Russia

JenniGMagic!▲ 24 ▼

#29 Photo Story: Out Of The Ordinary: ‘Klukshu Ice Bears 5/6’ By ‍peter Mather, Yukon Territory, Canada

▲ 23 ▼

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