Henry Cavill Highlander Looking For Help, Is It Getting Canceled?

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It takes big news to cause a stir in the buzz-filled corridors of the American Film Market (AFM), where project announcements make or break futures. But the latest news (via Deadline) surrounding the sale of the much-awaited Henry Cavill Highlander reboot should make a splash.

The Highlander Reboot Remained In Limbo For 15 Years

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Could it be the conclusion of the long delays plaguing the project? Originally snagged by Summit Entertainment in 2008, the reboot languished in development limbo for fifteen years. This is despite the mounting excitement emanating from the reboot, which reimagines the 1986 cult classic (“There can only be one…”), beloved for its saga of immortal beings waging swordfights across time in the quest for ultimate power. Fans adore the Queen soundtrack, too, often associated with the series.

Henry Cavill Is Portraying Conner MacLeod

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But recent developments should come as a relief to fans of the iconic 80s fantasy movie, especially with Henry Cavill leading the reintroduction of Highlander to the zeitgeist. The famed actor should corral fans of his work in Superman and Netflix’s The Witcher over to theatres–or whichever streaming service ultimately buys the project at AFM.

John Wick Director Chad Stahelski Is Directing The Highlander Reboot

Either way, should everything go to plan, Superman will switch wardrobes (not in a phone booth) and emerge as the iconic, immortal Scottish swordsman first immortalized by Christopher Lambert. Sweetening the deal for whoever scoops up the Henry Cavill-starring Highlander at AFM: the project boasts the directing expertise of Chad Stahelski, the powerhouse filmmaker who skyrocketed to success with his John Wick series.

Undoubtedly, Stahelski’s creative contribution, particularly his vision of a sword-wielding epic reminiscent of his work on John Wick, adds a thick layer of high-octane excitement to the reboot.

The Movie Is Expected To Sell Upwards Of $100 Million

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Lionsgate is betting the big Henry Cavill Highlander project will be an (even bigger) earner, having already committed a hefty budget exceeding one hundred million dollars. Stahelsi, for his part described the film as potentially the first in a trilogy, underscoring an implicit commitment from the studio. The reboot’s production roster also impresses, featuring such names as Joshua Davis and the Fast And The Furious producer Neal H. Moritz, as well as Stahelski’s 87Eleven Entertainment.

The news that Henry Cavill will star in a Highlander reboot—as well as the arrival of the project sale itself—should cause a stir at AFM, if only for its timeliness. It’s a bleak season for the film production world amidst a shortage of pre-sale projects due, of course, to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

The potential sale/buy of such an exciting project should breathe fresh air into a market starved of promising new ventures. And the reboot, poised for a 2024 start, seems positioned to capture the market’s attention. It rides, after all, on Cavill’s star power—as well as the enduring appeal of the Highlander universe.

Does The Sale Mean The Project Is In Trouble?

But questions linger about the project’s stability and prospects, given the industry’s unstable climate (the strike and the resulting reserve over new announcements and projects). Cavill and Stahelski’s attachment to the reboot was arranged pre-strike, contributing to more uncertainty in a rapidly shifting marketplace.

So, while the reboot’s outsized investment and high-profile team present a strong front, the question of Henry Cavell’s Highlander reboot remains delicately poised in an unpredictable industry environment.

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