Giant Companion: A Remarkable 40-Year Journey Living with a Unique Tumor (VIDEO)

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This illness has costed him almost every good thing he would have achieved, starting from being unemployed to having no partner and being omitted by the society and living a lonely life

His whole body is full of small tumors, plus this big one

He has what looks like kyphosis, with a hunchback, making it difficult to do anything and more difficult when sleeping.

We are in Tanzania while we visit this man and he tells us more of his life story.

Safari was born in a family where he was the only child, would not say black and no besties.

As any other child, he went to school, but after finishing his primary education he was so unlucky that, due to Poverty, school fees became a big problem that he could no longer pursue his educational career

He was born with this illness, but when he was too young the condition was not worse like it is today, as the more he grew, the more the condition kept becoming terrible that he found his whole body full of almost 100 small tumors and this big one here.

My mom told me that I was born like this, with the condition and this big tumor here on my left side, but for me, I started not saying that I had this health issue after turning 17, and that’s when I realized that I was the support and after my health condition started showing signs that it could get even worse, there was no much efforts put in to stop the illness, like maybe taking me to hospitals and getting some medical attention

He believed that if he was taken to hospitals during his teenager- since that’s when he’s noticed he had some body deformities.

Maybe they out have been some improvement.

But one thing that prevented this from happening was poverty, as he was born in a poor family where his parents struggled with raising and providing for him.

Another big factor is that during those years something happened, and that was the loss of his father.

In 1998, his loving and hardworking father died when they all needed him the most, as he was the only broad winner of the family

But whether we like it or not, death is part of this life, though it gives us no any other option.

When asked if this illness might be hereditary or if there is anyone in the family’s birth from the mother and father side, he responds in this way: on my father’s side, none of the family members ever had such an illness, let alone this one.

None of them ever suffered any disease.

It sounds impossible, but in that family it was so rare to see any of them feeling sick, and this starts from their young age.

They have always faced other life problems, like poverty, but not being sick.

And this is contrary to the mother’s family as, starting from her and my uncle, who also had a neck tumor, who had the next World and kept swelling, that almost killed him, and due to having this problem, it has contributed to a number of disadvantages or difficulties he faces, all because of having this health issue, starting from being unemployed to being single and more

Having this condition is a big problem, one due to having no money investing, no hospitals.

I’m afraid that this condition might kill me someday and, starting from sleeping, I have plenty of difficulties, like when sleeping.

It’s always a big challenge because I have no better sleeping position as a niche.

In every position I try, it’s always uncomfortable and difficult for me to fall asleep easily.

I just try and pretend to be asleep.

That is really difficult and at the same time sad, because when I try sleeping the pain I feel is too much that spending the whole night seated would be better.

He claims that having no wife, girlfriend or partner in general is also a result of having this illness because many people always fear the man and more especially girls and women

That makes it difficult to know and communicate with them.

I have no wife, no girlfriend, and it will be difficult for me to have a family and have children, because many people always omit me, mainly females, and I would never blame anyone, because I look terrible.

I tried approaching different girls, trying to see if there is anyone who would at least be a friend of mine, but it doesn’t happen.

Maybe I’ll just sit here and a woman who come out of nowhere, or maybe from Heaven, and will be like I’m the one who was made for you.

If I had someone to share this journey with, it would help me in one way or the other.

Despite facing all those problems that result to living a life with tumors, the man has never, ever gone to hospital for treatment, and that is because he does not work and he would never be able to afford treatment

Says if he had some money, he would go and do some examinations and at least know what he’s really suffering from and what he needs to do for him to have a better life.This has contributed to losing hope and thinks that he’s likely going to remain suffering, suffering, struggling forever.

It’s not only tumors, but the man’s body is deformed in what looks like kyphosis, which refers to an abnormally curved spine causing hunching of the back.

Since no doctor has ever examined him, that remains as assumptions, but we all considered the man’s body needs a lot, from Doctor’s intervention up to some prayers, because it’s too much for one person.

This has made his body so weak that there is nothing he can easily do and, having not completed even high school, makes it way more difficult as it does not have enough skills required for the labor market.

He says that he’s living one of the worst life one has ever lived.

Having all this above mentioned health issues plus living alone- makes his life complicated, as is forced to do some little home activities by himself, and he has to do it no matter what, since he has no one else to help.

The man is here requesting each and every Good Samaritan watching him to help him get money for his treatment.

He believes that with treatment he has chances of being treated and having a good health.

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