‘Full of heart and excitement…’: Jason Statham ‘can’t wait for people’ to watch ‘The Beekeeper’

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Hollywood action star Jason Statham cannot wait for audiences to watch his next film with director David Ayer, titled ‘The Beekeeper’.

The Beekeeper' Trailer: Jason Statham And David Ayer In Action – Deadline

Speaking about one of his buzziest projects, ‘The Beekeeper’, Hollywood A-lister Jason Statham dubbed it ‘sophisticated, cool, full of heart and excitement’ and expressed his excitement for moviegoers to watch it.

Jason Statham'ın yeni filmi 'The Beekeeper' fragmanı yayınlandı! | Adnan  Güney

“I can’t wait for people to see that. It’s really sophisticated and cool, full of heart and excitement. It’s a great film. The result is obviously yet to be seen, but I’m really, really proud of the movie,” he told the media reporters at the ongoing Red Sea Film Festival on Thursday.

Going further about the action thriller, that follows Mr Clay [Statham] – a former operative of a clandestine organization called ‘Beekeepers’ – who sets out to exact revenge against the company responsible for the suicide of his friend and neighbour, the ‘Fast X’ star added, “The whole movie escalates in terms of the action and it goes through an incredible, great crescendo. The whole world [of the film] has a mythology of the ‘beekeeping’ world.”

Jason Statham Plays A Literal Ass-Kicking Beekeeper In The Beekeeper Trailer

“If we were fortunate enough to make a sequel, we have a whole world that we can dive into,” he concluded.

It is pertinent to mention that Ayer and Statham will also be reuniting for another film ‘Levon’s Trade’, based on a Sylvester Stallone script.

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