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Pergola Ideas for Decks

beige patio with rustic dinner table and modern black chairs

A pergola can transform a basic wooden deck into a stunning outdoor space. Dress up the structure’s supports and slats with climbing vines to offer additional shade and add a natural element to the design. Hang outdoor string lights from the pergola to make al fresco dinners even more enjoyable.


Pergola Attached to House

brick, patio, pergola

A pergola attached to the house creates a convenient shaded oasis for patio areas just outside the back door. This pergola idea extends the roof outward to stretch the shade under the eaves. Integrate the structure into your home’s exterior using similar materials and colors found elsewhere.


Pergola Decorating Ideas

home exterior patio area wooden dining table

Accessorize with these pergola ideas to make it even more inviting. Line the pergola’s perimeter with containers planted with bright blooms. For extra interest, choose flowering vines such as morning glory that will scramble up and around the pergola. Hang a pendant light above your dining or seating area so you can continue enjoying the space after dark.


Trellis and Pergola Ideas

Rooftop Garden Green Black Outdoor Furniture

Combine a pergola with trellis screens to transform your deck into a private retreat. A pergola provides shade overhead to make seating areas more comfortable, while a trellis can block views and sounds from the neighbors. Choose trellis and pergola designs with narrow openings and train vines through them to further increase privacy and shade.


Pergola Landscape Ideas

Arbor over wicker chairs

If you have a spot in mind for your pergola, consider existing landscape elements before you start building. Luckily, pergola designs are flexible and can be tweaked to fit your space and needs best. In this yard, a tree supplies ample shade above a brick patio, so the pergola’s roof was built around it. A solid back wall with a small oval window offers privacy.


Decorative Pergola Designs

Two story beach house with grey shingle siding

Some pergola ideas are both decorative and functional. This seaside home, which mixes Cape Cod and Shaker styles, offers a pretty lesson in how to use a pergola to accent a home. Textural materials on the exterior repeat in the pergola design, and the structure provides a welcoming, softening transition between home and deck areas.


Deck Pergola Zones

wood patio with pergola

A pergola can stand independently or work well with another outdoor structure, such as a patio or deck. Its placement can help delineate various zones, such as a seating area. For example, this pergola idea helps distinguish a lounge area and incorporates a built-in bench shaded by climbing vines overhead.


Outdoor Pergola Designs

patio with pergola and fireplace

Pergolas add additional structure and scale amid other outdoor living amenities. Here, the massive beams on this pergola fit in with the solid design of the stucco fireplace. A casual bench is a defining edge for the pergola and an extra seating spot.

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