Enchanting Winter Scenes: An Inside Look at the Fun Lives of Finnish Cats in 30 Stunning Pictures

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Sämpy and its furry friends Hiskias Hääppönen, Elmeri, and Nelli are some of the cutest megafloofs you’ll ever see. These chonky cats from Northern Finland are perfect for hugging and loving. To make your day brighter, we have compiled the most wholesome and adorable pictures of these cats. Share this list with those who need some catto goodness in their lives and upvote your favorite Finnish cat photos. Do you want a chonky cat like these? If you already own one, share your thoughts on their character and how to raise them in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out Bored Panda’s previous posts about cats, including Curious Zelda, Bocco and Zuu, and how cats bond with humans just like dogs and babies. We also have an interview with Riikka Hedman, the owner of Sämpy and the other cats, where she shares insights into these majestic animals, their careers in publishing, and how Sämpy became an internet sensation. So, scroll down for the full interview and more information!



Riikka shared some details about her cats, including their ages and breeds (or lack thereof). Sämpy, who resembles a Norwegian Forest cat, is 6 years old and loves outdoor adventures. Elmeri, on the other hand, is an 11-year-old grey domestic cat who prefers to stay close to home. Hiski, a 2-year-old tabby with no white paws, is half Norwegian Forest cat. All of them are neutered males. Sadly, Nelli, the grey-white cat featured on Riikka’s site, passed away earlier this year. In the winter, Riikka builds obstacles for her cats to jump over in the yard, which they seem to enjoy. Although Elmeri and Hiski aren’t as adventurous as Sämpy, they do occasionally join in on walks and playtime.



Riikka excitedly shared her recent win of Photographer of the Year in a Finnish photography magazine competition, which awarded her a high-speed camera. Eager to test it out, she captured a stunning jump shot of her cat, Sämpy. Upon sharing the photo with a local newspaper, it garnered so much attention that a journalist was sent to cover the feline’s story. As a result, many people requested that Sämpy have his own Facebook page, and eventually an Instagram account was created. Sämpy’s owner attributes the popularity of the social media accounts to the natural and playful photos taken outdoors, without any forced posing. In her opinion, the best cat pictures are those where the cat is simply being itself.



Sämpy, the beloved cat, has been featured in two books so far. The first book, titled ‘Cat Year’, was released in 2016. Following its success, the publisher approached Sämpy’s owner, Riikka, for a photo book about the feline. The new book was published recently. In addition to these books, Sämpy and Riikka have collaborated on calendars for three years. While picking pictures for the book was challenging, professional assistance from the publishing house helped. Riikka wrote some text, but the books are primarily picture books. The captions are written in the local dialect and have received significant appreciation. There are no specific plans for the future, but any proposals are welcome. However, Sämpy must stay at home as he detests travelling. If someone wants to feature Sämpy in an animated movie, or use his image on a wallpaper or a keychain, it is all good, as long as the cat can stay home.



Sämpy Co. has become an internet sensation, winning the hearts of people worldwide with over 104,000 followers on Instagram and 43,000 fans on Facebook. Although the majority of its supporters are from Finland, Sämpy’s fame extends beyond boundaries. Fans eagerly await the latest pictures of Sämpy and its friends, Hiskias, Elmeri, and Nelli. Interestingly, Nelli dislikes playing with the other cats and detests the cold weather despite living in Northern Finland.

In a recent interview with a Finnish blogger, Sämpy disclosed more about itself. According to the journalist, Sämpy answered the questions on its own. “I reside in Kalime village, located in the north of Oulu,” said the fluffy and chubby cat. Sämpy further revealed its favorite hobby, which is hunting mice and moles. However, it would love to catch birds, but they’re too quick. Sämpy enjoys spending time with its Secretary of Forest Trips and cat friend, Elmeri. The cat’s daily diet comprises dry and wet food, with occasional servings of meat and salmon. Nonetheless, butter remains Sämpy’s favorite treat. “Sometimes, I get a small dollop of butter. Aaaaah. And yes, I hear when the butter box is being opened,” said Sämpy.

Sämpy also talked about its owner or “secretary,” as it referred to her. The Secretary serves as Sämpy’s servant and maid, constantly pointing a camera at the cat. Before leaving, the Secretary prepares breakfast for the feline. Sämpy prefers sleeping outside, even in the grass if the weather is good. However, it occasionally sleeps on the sofa or refrigerator and the sauna whenever it’s not too hot. During summer, Sämpy takes charge, issuing orders to the other cats and mice in the neighborhood.


















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