Diving Deep into Dwayne Johnson’s Latest Animated Venture, ‘Robo Force’

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Dwayne Johnson is known as a versatile man, who can ace wrestling, acting, as well as production. The Rock has worked in and produced several great projects including one of his likeness, named Young Rock. Now, Dwayne Johnson has recently announced a new project he will be working on as a producer.

The Seven Bucks Productions recently went ahead and declared that it will be working for the ‘RoboForce’ animated series. Seven Bucks Productions was co-founded by Dwayne Johnson and his ex-wife Danny Garcia. Here is a peek at what you need to know about this project undertaken by The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson and the team behind ‘RoboForce’

The Seven Bucks Productions company of Dwayne Johnson will be working alongside Nacelle as a co-producer. The animated series will be based on the iconic line of toys released in the 1980s and was publicly announced first in January.

Dwayne Johnson, Danny Garcia, Hiram Garcia, and Brian Gewirtz will make their contributions on behalf of the Seven Bucks Productions as executive producers. Interestingly, this will be the second time that The Rock will be joining hands with Nacelle. Both companies recently worked on a docuseries called ‘Behind the Attraction’ that showcased how Disney Theme Parks got big.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joins 'RoboForce: The Animated Series' | Entertainment | kmaland.com

Now, they have chosen to go with a vintage but futuristic toy line. Speaking about this project, Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia revealed, “We’re excited for Seven Bucks and Nacelle to partner together once again, especially to bring the iconic story of RoboForce to life.” Johnson and Garcia also divulged what the audience should expect from the plot.

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The duo said, “We love that it’s a story about redemption, second chances, and rising to the challenge as told through the eyes of funny, messed up, renegade robots who finally get their chance to shine.”

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According to the synopsis of the plot, the series will be set in the year 2089. In fact, it will also showcase the zenith and the fall of an intergalactic robot society.

The iconic plot features the latest machines but the most ancient politics

The plot involves an existing order of an intergalactic society trying to aid the Earth. However, a new line of more modern and advanced robots emerges, rendering the existing order useless. However, after an anomaly shakes up the system created by the new robots it ushers a string of other events.

Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia said that this is an enormous opportunity for their company to grow and bolster their grip on animation media. Interestingly, the Seven Bucks Productions had also contributed to the ‘DC League of Super Pets’ and will continue to build off its momentum. What are your thoughts on this? Let them flow in the comments.

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