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After playing Thor in four blockbusters, Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. But he really wants to show his sensitive side.
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Chris Hemsworth arrives early, about 10 minutes before his call time for the photo shoot. This is highly unusual for a movie star, but here he is. Even more surprising is that when he marches through the door, he’s alone, without an entourage or even a lone handler.

He has just flown into Los Angeles this morning from Las Vegas, where he spent the previous night at the Floyd Mayweather–Conor MacGregor bout. We know this because he posted a selfie on Instagram while traveling on a private plane and whooping it up with various friends, among them superproducer Jerry Bruckheimer; his agent, William Ward; and his personal trainer and childhood friend Luke Zocchi. The hashtag: #bestdayever.

But the day after, his eyelids are little heavier, his enthusiasm dimmed from his prefight high. He is offered a beer, which he politely declines, saying he had a few the night before. It raises the question: Did Thor—the Norse god of thunder portrayed by Hemsworth in four films—get hammered last night?

He greets everyone warmly, then disappears to clean up and change clothes. He re-emerges and takes his place on set in front of a gray background. And then, seemingly in an instant, Chris Hemsworth, Aussie surfer dude and Vegas fight fan, becomes Chris Hemsworth, Hollywood leading man and bankable action-franchise hero whose fifth turn as the god, Thor: Ragnarok, comes out in November. At one point, he’s handed a pocket knife and a green apple. He tosses the apple in the air and impales it on the blade perfectly on the first try.

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The shoot wraps up quickly, to Hemsworth’s obvious relief. His energy seems to dissipate as quickly as it emerged. Still, even when he’s exhausted, it’s not hard to see the actor’s appeal, to understand why People named him the “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2014, at age 31. I ask him if the honorific came with a plaque or statuette.

“I think there was a little trophy or something, but I don’t know where it is,” he says. He’s quick to point out that it happened way back in 2014. “It’s gone,” the actor deadpans. “It’s faded. Lost my title.”

This is something else you quickly learn about Hemsworth: He’s legit funny. And not just in terms of delivering a screenwriter’s well-crafted quip but instinctively. He has done a couple of smart and hilarious online spoofs as Thor deciding to live like a mortal, sharing an apartment with an everyday office worker, and hosted Saturday Night Live twice in 2015. Those comedic chops were seriously put to the test in the recent Ghostbusters reboot. In the spirit of the film’s gender reversal, Hemsworth played a dopey male bimbo who works as an assistant to the four female ghost hunters. It was, he says, far more challenging than playing a superhero.

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