Barcelona team’s post-match meal requests from 2014 leaked online, including Lionel Messi

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A list containing the Barcelona team’s post-match food requests in 2014 has emerged, featuring sushi, a nutella sandwich and Lionel Messi’s pizza of choice.

The document, obtained by Spanish outlet Libertad Digital, was leaked after Barca’s 100 percent winning start to their 2014/15 campaign ended in unremarkable fashion.

Shortly after a goalless draw at Malaga, Luis Enrique’s side tucked into some interesting choices from the hospitality suite.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Gerard Pique went for the slightly unconventional option of a Nutella sandwich while Ivan Rakitic and Sergi Roberto indulged in some sushi.

Lionel Messi, meanwhile, consumed a simple cheese pizza at the Estadio La Rosaleda. In fact, pizza was a popular option amongst the first-team squad, with six of the 11 players mentioned opting for the Italian dish.

Sergio Busquets made a note that he only wanted two fruits, while Luis Suarez enjoyed a ‘balanced’ meal of ham and cheese pizza with a caesar salad.

Here’s how social media reacted to the list.

One fan said: “Triple sandwich with nutella and sushi sounds like a death row meal,” while another commented: “Everybody be having long orders, and then there’s Messi.”

A third wrote: “This is basically a kids menu.”

A fourth commented: “Ronaldo would never order such a thing,” while a fifth added: “Don’t let my seven-year-old see Messi just eating plain cheese pizza. I don’t want him to have more fuel for his dinner arguments.”

Earlier this year, Manchester City winger Jack Grealish opened up on his hefty post-match Chinese order. In a video uploaded to the club’s official TikTok account, he announce what his go-to order is.

“I love Chinese man. After every game, I get one,” he said.

“I go to Wings’ in Manchester. I usually get a takeaway. I have Singapore chow mein, I have egg-fried rice, I have salt and pepper chips, I have salt and pepper prawns and then curry sauce.

“Then I just mix it all in and have a big free for all.”

The total cost of the order is believed to be around £56.

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