Alexandra Daddario ‘Absolutely Loved’ Working With Henry Cavill

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Alexandra Daddario has made a stunning career in Hollywood. Also known for her appealing look, the Wildflower and Baywatch actor has worked with several industry prominent stars including Superman actor Henry Cavill.

Alexandra Daddario and Henry Cavill in Night Hunter

Daddario joined the cast of David Raymond-directed 2018 crime thriller Night Hunter alongside Cavill, Ben Kingsley, Nathan Fillion, Stanley Tucci and co. Despite the stellar cast, the movie only made $1 million at the box office making it the biggest flop in Cavill’s career.

Alexandra Daddario Loved Working With Two Supermen in Night Hunter 

Alexandra Daddario, Tyler Hoechlin and Henry Cavil

CW Superman Tyler Hoechlin and DCEU’s former Superman Henry Cavill starred in Night Hunter alongside Alexandra Daddario. The Percy Jackson & the Olympians star loved working with the two superheroes even though the movie failed to make an impact.  “Well, they’re both absolutely wonderful people,” Daddario told Brief Take. “I don’t know if the casting directors casting for Superman were looking for that when they were doing their casting, but they both have a stoicism about them,” she added.

“They’re very, very wonderful actors, wonderful actors to work with, and really considerate co-stars. I’m just lucky. I feel really lucky in these two films to have worked with the kinds of people with whom I had the opportunity to work. As I go through my career and I work more and more, it’s more and more important to me to work with people that are passionate and kind and care about what they’re doing, and to work with good people. And they’re both absolutely wonderful.”

Daddario played Rachel Chase, a psychologist working with Marshall, played by Cavill who was on a hunt for a serial killer.

Filming Night Hunter in the Brutal Winter

Alexandra Daddario and Henry Cavill in Night Hunter

Shot in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, filming the movie in the freezing cold winter was brutal for the entire cast. But they had quite a unique experience there. Also, Daddario has shot two movies there. “I feel like I can’t insult Winnipeg, I shot two films there now,” she told the outlet.

“The people, everyone, the crews are really amazing up in Winnipeg. The weather is brutal. The weather is absolutely brutal and we shot in the dead of winter and it’s a unique experience. It’s…I don’t know how I would survive the winter there for more than the month that I was there shooting. [laughs] But everyone was so amazing throughout all of the weather being terrible, and it was snowing and cold and everyone was so incredible and no one complained. We did everything that we needed to do and I think that it added a really sleek look to the film,” Daddario said of the experience of filming the movie.

Further, The White Lotus star revealed that she had an amazing experience working with Stanley Tucci, Sir Ben Kingsley, Brendan Fletcher, Minka Kelly and Nathan Fillion. “It was a really, really cool experience,” she said.

Night Hunter is available to stream on Prime Videos.

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