A pregnant cat who has been abandoned in the woods is saved by a woman’s loving hug, and she gives birth to two gorgeous kittens who will always be appreciative of the second opportunity that was given to them.

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Our pets love and trust us, and there’s no excuse for breaking that trust.

When you choose to bring an animal into your life, you have to accept all the resonsibilities that come with it.

You have to be ready to make sure that, whatever happens, this innocent animal recieves the care it needs.

But when this sweet tortie cat got pregnant and needed support more than ever, her owner abandoned her.

The cat, Maud, was dumped in the woods and left to fend for herself.

The poor mama cat was scared and confused, and struggled to find enough food and water for both herself and her unborn kittens.

Luckily, a woman walking her dog in the woods came across the heartbroken cat and and brougth her to a RSPCA shelter where Maud was welcomed with open arms.

Maud was slightly dehydrated, but other than that, she’d managed to get through her ordeal without sustaining any permanent damage.

While housed by the RSPCA, Maud eventually delivered two beautiful and healthy kittens.

Now that the little family is safe and sound, Mama Maud can finally relax and try to forget about her heartbreak.

Maud and her babies are being well taken care of by the RSPCA and will eventually start looking for their forever families.

Thanks to Maud’s resilience and all the kind people who helped her when he needed it the most, her babies will never have to struggle the way she did.

Instead, their lives will just be filled with love and happiness.

We need more people like the dog walker, who truly care about all life.

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