A heart-shaped birthmark sheds light on the story of parental devotion – a gift from God ‎

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Murat Engin, 30, and Ceyda, 28, couldn’t believe their eyes when their first child, Cinar, was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead. Baby Cinar was born at a hospital in Ankara, Turkiye. Mr. Murat recalls: “After the nurses wiped the blood off the boy’s head, I was the first to see the birthmark. I was really surprised, I got closer and realized that it was the birthmark. such a lovely heart. It was hard to hold back my emotions and stop me from crying at that time.”

The nurses in the delivery room were also surprised and took out their phones to take pictures of baby Cinar. The image of a boy with a special birthmark on his forehead quickly spread throughout the hospital. People competed to meet him to see with their own eyes and take pictures with the boy.

When Ceyda saw her baby, she couldn’t hold back her emotions and burst into tears. She said: “He is really a gift, I don’t think the birthmark on his forehead is ugly, we believe that the red birthmark is Cinar’s luck and chance in the future.” Doctors and hospital staff, both called “heart boy”. But not only at the hospital, when coming home, Cinar also attracted the attention of many “fans”. Before that, little Poppy-Rae from Lincolnshire (England) also attracted the attention of many people with a heart-shaped birthmark on her forehead. What’s more special is that Poppy-Rae was conceived on Valentine’s Day.

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