10 Burning Questions The Witcher Season 4 Needs To Answer

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The Witcher season 3 wrapped up with a bang, sending its star, Henry Cavill, out with a flourish, but 10 burning questions remain ahead of season 4. The Witcher is dealing with a lot of turmoil as its attempts to expand the franchise have mostly flopped, and it has lost its leading actor due to creative differences. With those things in mind, the next season of The Witcher is more important than ever, and it could decide the fate of this once-exciting Netflix original series.

The Witcher has not lost all hope; it still garners millions of viewers every season, but it runs the risk of losing viewers after the news of Cavill’s departure. Even so, Liam Hemsworth can win Witcher fans over, and perhaps save the series, but The Witcher season 4 will need to be one of the show’s best. In order to make The Witcher season 4 into what it must become and repair its relationship with fans, the show must address a number of loose ends and mysteries left over from season 3.

10 Does Emhyr Know His Ciri Is Fake?

One of the most critical questions going into The Witcher season 4 is whether Emhyr realizes that he has been given a fake Ciri. Considering she is his daughter, he probably should know, but Emhyr was not around for much of Ciri’s childhood as everyone thought he was dead. Emhyr receiving Ciri in his court in Nilfgaard is one of The Witcher moments that are better in the books because it’s told from Emhyr’s perspective, and he instantly recognizes her as a fake. It’s possible he sees this in the show as well, but nothing is certain until The Witcher season 4 comes out.

9 How Many Mages Are Left After The Thanned Coup?

Another thing The Witcher season 4 needs to explore is what remains of the once robust population of mages after so many were killed in the coup on Thanned. It appears Yennefer and a few other sorceresses will be forming the Lodge of Sorceresses as they do in the books, but what remains of the rest of the continent’s mages is a mystery. Many were killed in the fighting on Thanned, but there should be a fair number remaining. The Witcher season 4 needs to go into detail on the effects of the coup, and what remains after it.

8 What Are Vilgefortz’s Plans With Emhyr?

After The Witcher season 3 revealed Vilgefortz as the series’ main antagonist, it must now explain what his plans are for, or with, Emhyr. Both of them want Ciri, so it’s hard to imagine they will work together any longer, but since Vilgefortz bothered to bring Emhyr a fake Ciri in the first place, he must have some further use for the Emperor. Otherwise, it would have been easy enough for Vilgefortz to simply disappear and go into hiding. It could be that Vilgefortz simply doesn’t want to make an enemy of Nilfgaard, but that remains unconfirmed for now.

7 Will The Witcher Offer An Explanation For Geralt’s New Appearance?

One of the most intriguing questions ahead of The Witcher season 4 is whether the show will offer an in-universe explanation for Geralt’s suddenly new face. Replacing Cavill with Hemsworth is no easy task, but coming up with a weak explanation for his face changing completely might only serve to exaggerate the problem. It might be best for the show to simply insert Hemsworth into the show and ignore the change of actors.

6 Who does Radovid Blame For His Brother’s Death?

After Phillipa ordered the assassination of King Vizimir of Redania in The Witcher season 3, Vizimir’s brother, Radovid, became king. It will be interesting to see if Radovid is willing to buy into whatever story Phillipa tells him about his brother’s murder. It’s likely Phillipa will get more than she bargained for as Radovid is actually much smarter than his brother, but whether he guesses at her involvement in killing King Radovid is anyone’s guess. If he does not figure it out, someone else may get the blame.

5 How Will Radovid Become The Tyrant He’s Destined To Be?

The Witcher‘s Radovid has been confirmed to be the same Radovid from the famous Witcher video games, which begs the question: How will he turn into the abusive tyrant he is in the games? There would be no point in including this character if the plan wasn’t to make him into a dictator, but the Radovid presented in The Witcher season 3 is a far cry from his video game counterpart. With that in mind, The Witcher seemingly has a long way to go with Radovid’s character development, and it will be fascinating to see how it’s handled.

4 What Happened To Cahir After Thanned?

In a shocking twist for show-only fans of The Witcher, Cahir betrayed his country and helped Ciri escape in The Witcher season 3. In the books, Cahir ends up joining Geralt’s company as they search the continent for Ciri’s whereabouts, and that now seems likely to happen in the show as well, however; The Witcher will first have to explain what happened to Cahir after the Thanned coup. He is taken prisoner in the books and inadvertently rescued by Geralt on his way to Nilfgaard, so this might be the easiest route to go.

3 How Will Francesca And The Elves Seek Vengeance?

In The Witcher season 3 finale, Francesca finds out that Emhyr orchestrated the murder of her infant son, prompting her to swear revenge on him and all of Nilfgaard. This means the elves and Nilfgaard are likely to be at odds in The Witcher season 4, but it’s hard to imagine them doing much damage to the Empire. Francesca can be brutal when the situation calls for it, which could lead to a swift and merciless retaliation in season 4.

2 What Is Ciri’s Plan After Joining The Rats?\

After being stranded in the Korath Desert and having visions of Falka, a rebellious half-elf who committed atrocities many years before the events in The Witcher, Ciri seems to be broken and lost. She is rescued by a young gang known as The Rats, and she is poised to join their group as she does in the books, but it’s hard to say if Ciri has a plan of any sort right now. Considering her recent trauma, the plan is probably to simply stay alive, but as Ciri recovers and becomes more like herself, her intentions may change.

1 When Will Leo Bonhart Arrive?

One of the most highly anticipated characters for The Witcher season 4 is Leo Bonhart. Bonhart is an absolutely terrifying villain whose skill with a sword makes him one of the most formidable opponents in the series. In the books, he kills the entire gang of Rats by himself, capturing Ciri and tormenting her as he tries to decide who will give him the most money for her. For now, the timing of Bonhart’s live-action debut is open to speculation.

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