WWE Hall of Famer Picks The Rock and Hulk Hogan for His Wrestling Mount Rushmore

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WWE legend Teddy Long recently picked names like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Jacqueline Moore, and others as part of his Wrestling Rushmore.

He doesn't forget the people who were helping him on the way up" - WWE legend shares honest thoughts about The Rock (Exclusive)

Long is one of the most beloved on-screen authorities in wrestling history. His stint as the SmackDown GM from 2004-2012 is still fondly remembered by fans for his hilarious chemistry with Vickie Guerrero, JBL, The Undertaker, and more. The WWE Hall of Famer still occasionally appears on the company’s programming, with his most recent appearance coming during the 2023 Draft.

The Rock Jokes About Doing "The Job" To Cody Rhodes

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Time Machine podcast, host Mac Davis quizzed Teddy Long about his Wrestling Rushmore. The former SmackDown GM was quick to pick names like The Rock and Hulk Hogan.

A look back at the Super Bowl of pro wrestling

“I would say Hulk Hogan, The Rock,” said Teddy Long. [0:53 – 0:58]

Furthermore, Long also named legendary female competitors like Jazz and Jacqueline Moore as part of his list of wrestling’s all-time greats.

I’d say Jazz and probably Jackie Moore,” added Long. [1:15 – 1:21]

Check out the full video below:

WWE legend Teddy Long on why Dixie Carter failed

On a previous episode of The Wrestling Time Machine, Teddy Long explained why former IMPACT Wrestling President Dixie Carter failed to stay at the top for long. The wrestling legend feels that Carter’s biggest undoing was that she was too bothered by how and what Vince McMahon was doing over in WWE.

“That’s what I said would happen to TNA under the Dixie Carter direction… Everybody over there is worried about what Vince [McMahon] is doing. Vince ain’t studying them. Vince is moving right along. So instead of them trying to do their own stuff and build their own brand, and build their own stars, they’re so worried about Vince that’s why they didn’t succeed,” Long said.


10/27/2009: Hulk Hogan signed with TNA at a press conference from Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

Teddy Long feels if Dixie Carter had been more concerned with building her own stars and storylines, she would have achieved greater success in the business.

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