The Rock’s Intense Chest Day Finisher

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shows off his chest finishing exercise

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for his grueling workouts that help him build and maintain the massive physique that he sports year round, whether it be for movie roles like Black Adam, or just staying big. Recently, he posted a new video showcasing his chest day finisher that he uses to really burn himself out. “It’s a bitch but very productive,” he wrote on Instagram.


Let’s take a look at this brutal chest day finisher.

The Chest Day Finisher

To outline the final exercise of The Rock’s chest day, it is a superset that consists of 10 to 12 reps of cable flys followed by elevated foot push ups. He states that you do not need to go heavy on here, and emphasizes the stretch at the top of each rep and a good squeeze with a hold at the peak contraction. Overall, The Rock is prioritizing getting a very large range of motion on this chest day finisher.

The Rock has always been keen on slowing down his reps, focusing heavily on lifting lighter weights at a controlled tempo. This places a large emphasis on time under tension, and helps to achieve the highest quality of eccentric contraction as possible. In the clip that The Rock posted showing his chest day finisher, each rep takes around 4-5 seconds total, so for 10-12 reps of that, there is about a minute of keeping the pectorals under tension.

The Push-Ups

Though they are not included in the video, The Rock includes a push-up variation in his chest day finisher. The push-up is a great, functional movement that helps to build both strength and muscle mass in the chest, and The Rock adds a bit of an extra challenge to it by elevating his feet. The elevated foot position makes the movement target the upper chest, and even the shoulders a little bit more than the traditional push-up would.

The Rock then encouraged his followers to try out his chest day finisher for themselves during their own chest workouts, instructing them to “kick ass and have fun”.

The Rock’s Diet

As you can see, The Rock is one of the hardest workers in the gym, and to maintain the massive frame he has, he also keeps up on his diet, making sure to hit his macros. Aside from his insane cheat meals that consist of 12 pancakes with peanut butter and syrup, 6 cookies, a box of donuts, sushi, pasta, bagels, and a giant pizza, The Rock eats pretty clean. He actually limits his processed food intake.

Chest Day Finisher Wrap Up

Overall, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is very well known for his intense workouts, and his chest day finisher falls right in that category. It is a brutal combination of cable flyes and push-ups, making sure to place a large emphasis on time under tension and form, rather than weight.

Will you be giving The Rock’s chest day finisher a try?

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