The images record the natural birth process of the young mother.

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Monet Moutrie with the indispensable luggage to give birth without a camera.

Monet Moutrie said when the labor pains came, she no longer knew when photographer Jennifer Mason – who took Monet’s birth photos – raised the camera. She was also unable to pose for a photo shoot as planned. So the mother of two understands that the beauty of birth photography depends on how the photographers capture the moment because the mother doesn’t know anything at that time.

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Fortunately, Monet Moutrie’s birth went quite smoothly as she did not have to spend too much effort and time waiting. She also had a satisfied birth photo set when photographer Jennifer captured Monet’s entire process from childbirth to childbirth and postpartum.

Follow the birth journey of female photographer Monet Moutrie:

The young mother is quite calm in the face of the second birth.

By her side is always her husband and midwives to support her.

Monet Moutrie shared, when faced with labor pain, she did not know when the photographer raised the camera.

She also doesn’t care if the photo is good or bad because she can’t pose for a photo.

Monet Moutrie burst into tears in the face of the pain.

But she said that because she had her husband and midwives to support her, she felt much stronger.

It didn’t take too long to give birth, she finally gave birth to her second child.

Monet Moutrie and her husband were happy the moment their baby was born.

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