“The Adventures of the Chromatic Kitty: A Tale of a Bulgarian Town and a Feline’s Quest for its Authentic Color” is an original retelling of a cat’s journey.

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Emerald cat in Varna, Bulgaria given a wash by animal lovers | Daily Mail  Online

The feline chameleon has gone through some changes and is now back to its original look, but it still has striking green highlights on its ears, eyes, and chest.

Emerald cat in Varna, Bulgaria given a wash by animal lovers | Daily Mail  Online

An article that was first published on Hello Giggles delves into the long-standing belief that black cats are harbingers of bad luck. But in recent news, a rare occurrence in Bulgaria has caught people’s attention – a green-colored cat was seen, leaving some to wonder and take notice.

The Mystery Of Bulgaria's Green Cat – Meowingtons

Check out the emerald extraterrestrial feline of Bulgaria – a remarkable stray kitten whose captivating, jewel-toned coat has been drawing in sightseers to the delightful coastal town of Varna since 2014. Initially, the locals witnessed the fashion-forward cat strolling along the streets with another lovely feline companion who was similarly charming but lacked the vibrant colors. The inhabitants of Varna were anxious at first, suspecting that the cat had been dyed green as part of a cruel prank. However, they subsequently discovered that the perfectly pigmented feline had attained its unique shade by frequently dozing off inside an old paint container.

Emerald cat in Varna, Bulgaria given a wash by animal lovers | Daily Mail  Online

According to cat lovers, the feline appeared to be healthy and had a uniform coat color. They speculated that she may have used a harmless dye from food or fabric to achieve the unique look. After confirming that the cat was safe, both residents and tourists delighted in giving her treats and admiring her distinct fur. However, thanks to kind-hearted individuals and a comfortable sleeping spot, the cat has returned to her natural coat with a subtle green tinge around her eyes, ears, and chest. Despite the less eye-catching appearance, we still believe she is the most amazing cat out there.

Mystery of emerald green cat spotted in seaside resort solved

Emerald Green Cat In Bulgarian Town | peacecommission.kdsg.gov.ng

Feline a little green! Meet the GREEN cat of Bulgaria (Part 2) - YouTube

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