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Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, is on a mission to rescue as many dogs from the Los Angeles area as possible.

In the best-case scenario, Hall and her team swiftly respond to a call and rescue a pup in need. But sometimes, the scene becomes a whirlwind of chaos, making the rescue mission more challenging.

That’s precisely what unfolded recently when a local resident spotted a fluffy creature dwelling in a sewer drain.

The puppy, a 6-month-old retriever mix, had been quietly tucked away beneath a residential neighborhood for weeks before anyone noticed her. Most pedestrians walked past without a second glance until a dedicated dog lover finally saw her and refused to abandon her.

This Good Samaritan shared the pup’s location on Facebook, and soon, a flood of fellow dog enthusiasts descended upon the scene.

“People arrived with treats and leashes,” Hall recounted. “It was like a tourist attraction. It was surreal.”

Despite their good intentions, the presence of so many people only heightened the puppy’s fear. She would cautiously emerge from the sewer, only to retreat at the approach of a well-meaning stranger. She had found refuge deep within the drain, at least 18 feet away.

Burrowed in the depths of the sewer drain, which Hall affectionately dubbed “the hole,” the puppy eluded her would-be rescuers. She remained out of their reach, even when they used long sticks and poles to coax her out.

After politely asking everyone else to leave, Hall and her team hatched a special plan.

“We knew we had to block off her escape route,” Hall explained. “It was our only chance.”


They patiently waited for over two days, hoping the hungry puppy would reappear. When she finally did, the team quickly sealed off the hole.

The relief that washed over the rescue team was palpable. The dog, later named Cora, couldn’t slip back into the hole. However, Hall couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness for her.

“That was her little sanctuary for two weeks,” Hall said. “She felt safe there.”

Nevertheless, Hall knew that Cora’s best days were still ahead.

With her hiding spot no longer an option, Cora sought refuge beneath a nearby car. The team used baby gates to block the car’s lower access, and Hall carefully slipped a snare leash over her head.

“When they called out, ‘Suzette, you’ve got her,’ I couldn’t hold back the tears,” Hall admitted. “We all stood there, tears of joy streaming down our faces.”

After a long-awaited moment of celebration, Hall cradled Cora and rushed her to Camino Pet Hospital. There, Cora received a clean bill of health, a much-needed bath, and was officially ready for foster care.

Cora will soon meet her temporary family, but her quest for a forever home continues. Until then, she’ll continue to shower her rescuers with affection and gratitude for changing her life.

“She’s such a sweet dog,” Hall remarked. “And now, she’s going to feel safe and loved forever.”


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