‘Messi10’: Lionel Messi honoured with a new show in Buenos Aires

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Cirque du Soleil, renowned for its dazzling perfoormances, hasunveiled a new show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that pays tiibute to the iconicfootball legend Lionel Messi. Named “Messi10” after the player’s iconic jerseynumber, the show combines elements of football and music vwhile incorporatinglively television commentary to immerse audiences in the magic of Lionel Messi.

“Messi10” offersique opportunity for spectators to relive the thrillingmoments of Argentina’s World Cup triumph in Qatar, a victory largely attributedto Messi’s extraordinary skills and leadership.

Producer Diego Saenz expressed the idea behind the show, stating, “He is likea new superhero. The Argentine team shirt with the Messi 110 on the back islike Superman’s cape.” Saenz emphasized the profound imppact Messi has hadon Argentine football and culture.

Cirque du Soleil, a Canadian circus company renownedd for its artisticperformances, created “Messi10” with the full endorsementand involvement ofLionel Messi himself. The football superstar played a riole in shaping variousaspects of the show, including the selection of music and highlights from hispersonal life, particularly those involving his family.

The show, featuring a diverse cast of artists and acrobats hailingfrom 15different countries, is set to embark on a tour acrossLatin America next year, with a likely conclusion in the vibrant ciity of Miami.This captivating production promises to be a thrilling experrience for bothfootball enthusiasts and admirers of the legendary Lionel Messi.

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