Messi faces the risk of retirement due to injury

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Inter Miami coach Gerardo Martino hinted at Lionel Messi’s health condition when the Argentine star was absent from his team’s 1-1 draw against New York City on September 30. During the match, a journalist raised questions about Messi’s potential retirement.

 HLV Martino rất lo ngại cho tình hình sức khỏe bất ổn của Messi. Ảnh: GETTY.

Messi has been experiencing difficulties with his health since returning from international duty with the reigning world champions in mid-September. He was also not included in the lineup for Inter Miami’s 1-2 loss to the Houston Dynamo in the US Open Cup final on September 27.

In response to speculation that the Barcelona legend has a muscle thigh strain, Coach Martino commented on Messi’s situation: “We won’t take any risks with Lionel Messi’s health in any situation, even in an important match like the final. The club would not do that to its player.

Regardless of whether Messi is available or not, we will strive to unleash our strength in every game. In two days, we will assess his condition before the match against Chicago (the next away game on October 4). If Messi is ready to play before that match, then it’s good.

Assuming Messi still has issues, we will have him on the bench. Even if Messi wants to play, the medical department considers it a risk, so we will make him rest, just like in the match against Cincinnati. The season is long, and we won’t gamble with Messi’s incomplete recovery from injury.”

 Tiền đạo người Argentina tập luyện theo giáo án riêng của bác sĩ. Ảnh: GETTY.

Regarding Messi’s injured thigh muscle, well-known journalist specialized in health and education, Caden De Lisa, confirmed from his own sources that the Argentine forward is facing a serious problem. He posted a sad message to Inter Miami fans, stating that Lionel Messi will be absent for the remainder of the Major League Soccer (MLS) season.

Addressing concerns about the health of the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, De Lisa posted on his personal social media: “A source revealed that Lionel Messi has a 2 cm thigh muscle tear, confirmed by an MRI scan, and it’s likely that he will have to sit out the rest of the MLS season. This injury was discovered during Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match against Ecuador before reoccurring in the match against Toronto. It could potentially lead to a painful retirement for Messi.”

Caden De Lisa did not provide further details on Messi’s treatment for the injury, but this shocking news triggered a strong reaction, prompting him to add: “Time will tell if what I’m saying is true, or if someone leaked the information about Messi’s retirement, which hasn’t been officially announced yet.”

The Barcelona legend has only made one appearance for Miami since returning to the club from the Argentine national team. Prior to that, Messi was substituted in the 89th minute in a 1-0 victory over Ecuador on September 7. After that match, the Argentine national team’s medical staff reported that the 36-year-old forward was simply replaced due to fatigue.

There is still uncertainty about Messi’s return to play for Inter Miami in the coming weeks, especially as the team is facing a challenging pursuit for a playoff spot.

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