Meet the Cat Who Always Gets Perfect Selfies in “Feline Selfie Prodigy: Meet the Cat”

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Manny the cat has a special talent – taking selfies! His owner, who goes by the Instagram name Yoremahm, claims that Manny is the ultimate master of cat selfies. It all started when Manny reached out and touched his human’s GoPro camera while it was filming. Since then, Manny’s selfies have become a viral sensation on Instagram. He loves posing for the camera and always manages to strike the perfect pose. Manny was a stray cat who showed up at Yoremahm’s doorstep shortly after her old cat passed away. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Manny’s pictures show that he’s not afraid to experiment with different angles, even if it means he gets a double chin in some shots. He’s also a big fan of snow scenes, sunsets, and golfing. Manny proves that he’s just like us, but way cooler.












To keep up with Manny’s adventures, be sure to check out his Instagram page. Also, don’t miss our collection of 35 hilarious photos featuring cats who perfectly photobombed their way into the shot. For more cat-related content, visit We Love Cats and Kittens. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and leave a comment to let us know your thoughts!

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