Johnny Depp’s outstanding beauty before being “spent” by Amber Heard

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For Hollywood movie buffs, Johnny Depp is an extremely familiar name, associated with the famous  Pirates of the Caribbean series . Besides, the noisy marriage of the actor and the beauty with the “golden ratio” face Amber Heard also received a lot of attention from fans. During his recent appearance in court, Johnny Depp made the audience feel strange with his appearance, which is very different from his youth.

At recent court hearings, Johnny Depp shocked everyone when he appeared with an outstanding appearance. Some fans also commented that the actor looked like a real-life Caribbean pirate with his time-stained face and long hair. Besides, fans also fondly remember Depp’s amazing appearance when he was young, when he was not dating Amber Heard and was involved in a lot of noise leading to his collapse.

Johnny Depp first appeared to the audience when participating in the horror film  A Nightmare on Elm Street , released in 1984. After a grand debut, the actor continued to appear in many projects such as  School Cops, What to Eat Gilbert Grape, Benny & Joon, Undercover,… At that time, Depp impressed with his handsome Western appearance, high nose, deep eyes and angular face. In particular, the actor many times has long hair to show off his romantic, stylish look, captivating fans.

When he joined the  Pirates of the Caribbean project, Johnny Depp began to “pop like a rock” when he transformed into Captain Jack. Despite playing a fierce character, the actor is still loved for his strong, heroic appearance. At that time, Depp was also praised as “the most attractive pirate on the planet”.

Handsome and charming, Johnny Depp has had many ghosts pass through his life. However, perhaps Amber Heard is the love that he “holds most dearly to his heart”. There was a time when they were passionate and went home together in 2015, but in 2017, the two divorced and started a loud lawsuit until now.

Looking back at the era of his peak beauty, fans can’t help but feel regretful when seeing Johnny Depp in the present. Besides, the noisy lawsuit between him and Amber Heard is also currently receiving a lot of attention from the global audience.

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