Johnny Depp Stars in Trailer & Images for Animated Movie Johnny Puff: Secret Mission

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Johnny Depp reprises the role of a cartoon puffin in a new trailer for Johnny Puff: Secret Mission.

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp voices an animated puffin in the spy outing Johnny Puff: Secret Mission, for which a new trailer and a batch of new images have now been released. Johnny Puff: Secret Mission has now been sold to “German-speaking Europe (Little Brother), Korea (AK Entertainment), Spain (Melies), Portugal (NOS Audiovisuais), Middle East (FrontRow) and Turkey (Wediacorp) ahead of the AFM in LA later this month,” according to Deadline.

Johnny Puff: Secret Missionwhich is a follow-up to series Puffins and the spinoff Puffins Impossible (both of which star Johnny Depp as Johnny Puff), will follow the titular bird as he sets off on an adventure to help his fellow puffin friends and save their beloved village Taigasville from the evil plans of villain Otto von Walrus.

You can watch the new trailer for Johnny Puff: Secret Mission here courtesy of Vimeo, and check out several images from the movie below:

Johnny Puff: Secret Mission is directed by Nestor F. Dennis and produced by Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment. Much like the series’ before it, Johnny Puff: Secret Mission will feature themes such as environmental protection and teamwork as well as a unique dialect, something which Depp has previously described as “a mesh of his own voice and real Puffin sounds.”

“We’re so happy to reunite with Johnny for a second project,” producer Andrea Iervolino of the animated project in a recent statement. “Experiencing a new and avant-garde project like this short series, alongside Johnny, has given me even more conviction to champion experimental genre and format fusions. I am beyond grateful that Johnny has shown belief in the project … sharing his thoughtful artistic ideas that are providing real added value to the Puffins universe.”

Johnny Puff: Secret Mission is expected to release in 2024 in the United States once a distributor has been found.

Following several years of legal proceedings and libel lawsuits, it seems that Johnny Depp is slowly making a comeback. The actor recently starred as Louis XV in the historical drama Jeanne du Barry from director Maïwenn. Opening the 2023 Cannes Film Festival back in May, and with Vertical Entertainment set to distribute the film in the United States, Depp’s performance (and his French) were highly praised by critics.

Depp will next direct the biographical drama Modì, based on the play Modigliani by Dennis McIntyre. Featuring a cast that includes Riccardo Scamarcio, Al Pacino, Luisa Ranieri, Antonia Desplat, Stephen Graham, Bruno Gouery, Ryan McParland, Benjamin Lavernhe, and Sally Phillips, Modì will explore two chaotic days in the life of Bohemian-Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, known to his friends as “Modì”, who lives in Paris and is on the run from the police.

But will the actor ever return to one of his most famous franchises, Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, despite saying in court that he would never work for Disney again, Depp has since backtracked, stating that he is now open to reuniting with the House of Mouse. But will it be as Jack Sparrow? Only time will tell.

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