Johnny Depp shares sudden news that leaves fans concerned – details

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The Pirates of the Caribbean star is touring through Europe.

Johnny Depp’s fans were left stunned and confused when it was announced minutes before his latest show with Hollywood Vampires that they would not be taking the stage as planned.

The musical supergroup, currently touring through Europe, was due to perform in Budapest, Hungary on July 18, but moments before the show, took to social media with an update.

They shared a statement which read: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Vampires will be canceling tonight’s show in Budapest.

“All tickets (general and VIP, including meet & greet) will be refunded in full. We love and appreciate all of the fans who traveled from near and far to see us rise, and we’re truly sorry. Sincere apologies, The Hollywood Vampires.” The statement was also shared to the actor’s Instagram Stories.

Several attendees commented that the announcement coming mere minutes before the show was set to begin left them concerned for the well-being of the members.

One wrote: “Canceling the show while we’re queuing is questionably weird. I sincerely hope everyone’s alright,” while another also added: “There could be something really wrong with a member of the crew or band. I’m sure they won’t cancel otherwise. Be patient. They’ll tell in their own time.”
A third also commented: “Please only let it be huge technical issues or whatever, no one from the Vampires or the team. I’m really really worried…” While many contemplated that it could be Johnny, 60, who was ill, given he was earlier seen walking around on crutches, no official word has been released from any of the band members.
The Pirates of the Caribbean actor injured his ankle back in June, which forced the band to cancel their opening shows in the United States. He was made to take time off the stage to recover, and the band released a statement announcing those shows would be rescheduled.
“Johnny has sustained a painful injury to his ankle following his recent appearances and has been advised by his doctor not to travel. He is devastated by this turn of events, but looks forward to resting up so all four Vampires can bring their absolute best to the tour in Europe,” it read.
Their tour will continue through Europe over the course of the month, concluding on July 23rd in Germany, followed by a three-day set in the United States to make up for the recently canceled appearances, wrapping up on July 30th.

The supergroup Hollywood Vampires formed in 2012, with Jonny playing slide, rhythm and lead guitar and keyboards, as well as providing backing and lead vocals. The name derives from a celebrity drinking club which Alice Cooper formed back in the 1970s, and has collaborated with artists including the likes of Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, and Joe Walsh.


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