Johnny Depp Already Has Plans to Spend Amber Heard’s $1,000,000 After Humiliating Her During Trial

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Actor Johnny Depp’s life has become an open book after the much-publicized courtroom drama with his ex-wife Amber Heard. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star’s career took a back seat and his public image was badly affected. Johnny Depp was barred from the projects he had been working on. The entire divorce and defamation trial also affected the career of Amber Heard.

The defamation trial was settled in favor of Johnny Depp in December 2022. Johnny Depp was awarded $1 million from Amber Heard’s end. The sum is a substantial reduction from the total $10.35 million, which Amber Heard was ordered to pay after a six-week trial. The jury had ordered Johnny Depp to pay Amber Heard $2 million for the  compensatory

Johnny Depp Would Be Donating Every Penny Given By His Ex-Wife Amber Heard

The Aquaman star, Amber Heard’s settlement amount has been issued to her ex-husband Johnny Depp locking out their Virginia defamation case almost a year later. The Entourage actor has already decided not to use a single penny from the compensated amount. He would be distributing the entire amount to different charities. According to a source close to the actor, he would be dividing the entire amount to five charities of his choice, donating $200,000 to each. The organizations are as mentioned- Make-A-Film Foundation, The Painted Turtle, Red Feather, Tetiaroa Society, and Amazonia Fund Alliance.

The entire world became a witness to the widely watched courtroom trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case. In a statement issued by the 37-year-old actor, she had spoken about the decision to settle down the case. Amber Heard mentioned-

“It’s important for me to say that I never chose this. I defended my truth, and in doing so my life as I knew it was destroyed. The vilification I have faced on social media is an amplified version of the ways women are re-victimized when they come forward. Now I finally have an opportunity to emancipate myself from something I attempted to leave over six years ago and on terms I can agree to. I have made no admission. This is not an act of concession. There are no restrictions or gags with respect to my voice moving forward.”

Amber Heard said that she was “exposed to a type of humiliation that I simply cannot re-live” during the live-televised trial and she “simply cannot go through that for a third time.” While talking about the compensation amount, the Never Back Down actor added at the time, ”

I cannot afford to risk an impossible bill — one that is not just financial, but also psychological, physical and emotional. Women shouldn’t have to face abuse or bankruptcy for speaking their truth, but unfortunately, it is not uncommon.”

The legal representatives of the 59-year-old actor Benjamin Chew and Camille Vazquez had issued a public statement in the month of December, following the judgment of the jury, that mentioned-

“The jury’s unanimous decision and the resulting judgment in Mr. Depp’s favor against Ms. Heard remain fully in place. The payment of $1 million — which Mr. Depp is pledging and will (actually) donate to charities — reinforces Ms. Heard’s acknowledgment of the conclusion of the legal system’s rigorous pursuit for justice.”

Johnny Depp’s comeback became a celebration for the actor’s fans around the world. He was cheered and appreciated by the audience present at the Cannes Films Festival of 2023. Amber Heard is set to make her comeback to the big screen with her new movie In The Fire which is supposed to debut later this year at a film festival in Italy.

Johnny Depp Received Applause During The Cannes Film Festival 2023

The casting of Johnny Depp in the movie Jeanne du Barry became a talking point in Hollywood. The supporters of Amber Heard criticized the Cannes Film Festival’s chief Thierry Fremaux’s decision to cast an actor in the leading role who was charged with domestic and emotional abuse by his ex-wife.

While addressing the journalists and reporters, Thierry Fremaux clearly stated-

“I don’t know about the image of Johnny Depp in the U.S. To tell you the truth, in my life, I only have one rule, it’s the freedom of thinking and the freedom of speech and acting within a legal framework.”

The Cannes Film Festival chief further went on to add-

“If Johnny Depp had been banned from acting in a film or the film was banned, we wouldn’t be here talking about it. So we saw Maïwenn’s film and it could have been in competition. She would have been the eighth female director. This [controversy] came up once the film was announced at Cannes because everybody knew Johnny had made a film in France … I don’t know why she chose him but it’s a question you should ask Maïwenn.”

After the screening of Jeane Du Barry, the actor went on to receive a 7-minute standing ovation. Johnny Depp was left teary-eyed at the Cannes Film Festival after he met his fans who appreciated his stardom after almost a year of the messy defamation trial.



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