Jason Statham stunned when wearing slippers to the prestigious film festival in China

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For the first time appearing at the Shanghai International Film Festival, Jason Statham left a deep “impression”.

The opening ceremony of the Shanghai International Film Festival took place not long ago with the appearance of top Chinese stars such as Li Bingbing, Li Dich Phong, Trieu Huu Dinh, Luu Gia Linh, Lam Canh Tan, and Ngo Loi.

The appearance of Hollywood actor Jason Statham and Li Bingbing to promote the upcoming movie The Meg has attracted great attention.

For the first time at the prestigious Chinese Film Festival, Jason Statham “stunned” when he wore a vest and … slippers to walk alongside the beautiful Ly Bang Bang.

So far, the Transporter star has always been very attentive to his image on the red carpet, always appearing in a gentlemanly style, this time being an exception.

Chinese netizens burst into laughter after seeing Jason Statham arriving at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

“Jason Statham looks so cute”, “Didn’t think he would come here in sandals”, “Jason’s sandals are outstanding, I love them”, “Jason was the first one to wear sandals on the red carpet”, “Haha, Jason Statham wears these sandals with personality”.

Jason Statham gây bất ngờ khi đi dép tới liên hoan phim danh giá của Trung  Quốc

Besides the praise, Jason Statham also received many criticisms for wearing slippers on the red carpet of the Shanghai International Film Festival.

They felt the 51-year-old actor was impolite and disrespectful to the Film Festival. Anyway, the Shanghai International Film Festival is also one of China’s most prestigious film festivals, Jason should not appear with such an image.

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