Jason Statham ‘promoted’, has a hot lover in The Expendables 4-lam

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The Expendables 4 will mark the first time Jason Statham is “promoted” to lead the film

Reappearing nearly a decade after part 3, The Expendables (original title: The Expendables ) will officially launch to the audience next September.

In particular, after 3 films led by veteran face Sylvester Stallone, The Expendables 4 will mark the first time Jason Statham is “promoted”.
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In the fourth film, although Sylvester Stallone will still appear, Jason Statham ‘s role will be stepped up a notch, as he now becomes the central character of the entire film.

The character Lee Christmas, played by Jason Statham, is a former SAS soldier with remarkable close combat abilities and skillful knife techniques. He is the second most influential person in the team after Barney (played by Sylvester Stallone), and is also the right-hand man and best friend of the respected captain.


But whether Jason Statham is the one to replace Sylvester Stallone’s captain role or not is still a mystery.

Besides, the fact that Megan Fox , 50 Cent and Thai martial arts superstar Tony Jaa will be the new faces of the movie series The Expendables also makes the audience excited.

Jason Statham 'promoted', has a hot lover in The Expendables 4 Photo 2

The addition of this “rookie” cast is quite consistent with the style of the series, as The Expendables is known as a series that brings together a cast of “bloody” action stars in Hollywood.

As the newest member of the Squad, Megan Fox plays Gina, a former CIA agent and also Lee Christmas’s ex-girlfriend. In the trailer, the audience sees hot scenes of Jason Statham and Megan Fox. This is also a rare time when the audience gets to see Statham have a “loveline” with a female co-star. 

In the “new double”, it is impossible not to mention actor Andy Garcia of The Godfather part 3, as he will play a CIA agent, who is also the one who assigns the task of hunting down the villains Rahmat & Ocelot to the team. 

This famous star cast will create an explosive new Expendables movie next September.


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