Enthralling Hearts: Cat’s Dignified Charm Wins Over Fans

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ITOSHIMA, Fukuoka — Monta, a 3-year-old cat living in a mountainous area in Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture, has gone viral for his dignified demeanor and adorable appearance.

The cat has been in the care of humans since shortly after he was born, as he was separated from his mother. He was then adopted by his current owner in October 2019 and was named Monta.

Hình ảnh mèo tam thể đẹp, nổi bật với 3 màu lông

Possibly as a result of being born with thyroid and kidney issues, Monta is smaller and moves more slowly compared to other cats.

His owner started posting photos and videos of Monta going on walks and relaxing in a living room on social media and YouTube to record his everyday life. Many people commented that they felt soothed after watching his videos, and Monta gained new fans, and now has more than 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Ảnh Mèo Anh Lông Ngắn Cute, Đáng Yêu, Dễ Thương Nhất - TH Điện Biên Đông

The Itoshima municipal government took notice of Monta’s popularity and appointed him as the city’s tourism ambassador. Monta was feeling unwell for a while, but he is now back on his feet and ready to show the charming aspects of Itoshima through his daily life.

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Monta can be found on social media and YouTube under “montanonichijo,” which translates to “Monta’s daily life” in Japanese.

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