Did Henry Cavill Aid Nephew in Establishing That Superman Is His Uncle?

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This cute story of Henry Cavill going to school to help his nephew, Thomas, prove that Superman is his uncle, keeps going viral.

Whether they are posted on Facebook, or in “viral websites”, the story generally goes along these lines, with a picture of Henry Cavill walking his nephew to school :

The day Uncle Cavill had to prove his nephew was not a liar.

Little Thomas, aged only 7, went to school dressed as Superman and the teacher asked why he was dressed like this.

“Because Superman is my uncle,” he replied.

The teacher then explained that Superman didn’t exist, but Thomas insisted, repeating numerous times that he existed, and that he was his uncle. And the kid ended up at the office…

An officer was asked to see him, to warn the child not to live in a fantasy world.

As the doubt remained, she called her brother-in-law, asking him to go to school to “save” her nephew, who was radiant for all his little friends to see that he was really Superman’s nephew!

The news was confirmed in the last few hours by Cavill himself, reiterating that he had saved his nephew from a bad punishment, given his reputation for “telling lies”.

Henry Cavill Did Not Help Nephew Prove Superman Is His Uncle!

As endearing as this story is, it was really fabricated from an old but true story from 2011. Many websites keep resurrecting this story to “go viral” and make money. Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : Henry Cavill Talked About Incident In 2013 + 2018

Henry Cavill actually recounted this incident back in June 2013 in an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. He later told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest this same story on their show in July 2018.

So all those viral and celebrity websites that claimed that Henry Cavill confirmed this “in the last few hours” lied to you. This is a really old story.

Fact #2 : Superman Uncle Incident Happened In 2011

This incident involving his nephew, Thomas, actually happened in 2011 when Henry first learned that he would be playing Superman in Zack Snyder’s film.

Henry Cavill only recounted it in 2013, during his interview with Jay Leno. This was what he said :

“My nephew Thomas was so super excited… he ran to school. “

“Now keep in mind Thomas has got a great reputation for telling stories and just making up stuff to the teacher.”

He says, “Well, because my uncle is Superman,” and she’s like, “Oh okay, and she pulls him aside. He got in trouble. [She was like] “this is sad.”

Fact #3 : Henry Cavill Did NOT Go To His Nephew’s School

Thomas’ mother – Henry’s sister-in-law – then explained to the teacher that the boy’s uncle “actually kind of is” Superman.

She did not ask Henry to “rescue” Thomas, so he did not actually go to his nephew’s school to prove that Superman is really his uncle.

Fact #4 : They Were NOT Walking To His Nephew’s School

The (fake news) creators misappropriated a photo to make it look as if Henry Cavill was walking his nephew to school to prove that his uncle really is Superman.

The truth is this was one of the photos taken of Henry, who was walking in London with his brother Niki and his family on 7 September 2013. They were NOT going to school to rescue Thomas, that’s for sure!

Fact #5 : Thomas Was Not 7 Years Old When It Happened

Henry Cavill did not mention how old Thomas was when this “Superman is my uncle” incident happened. But in a May 2021 interview with Viva Magazine, he said,

So we know that Thomas was 6 years old in 2013, and not 7 years old in 2021 as many viral websites and memes are claiming.

We also know that the incident happened sometime between 2011 and 2013. So Thomas was likely between 4 and 6 years old when it happened.

Little Thomas would be a strapping 16 year-old teenager in 2023. Even if Uncle Cavill offered to go to his school dressed as Superman, you can be sure he would definitely refuse the offer!

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