Depp Flies the Coop! After Disney Refused to Cast Him, Johnny Depp Turns to a Competitor for Work

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When you think of iconic franchises from Walt Disney Studios, many names may come to mind. There are so many fan favorites, including the historic and iconic Toy Story franchise, the nostalgic and beloved High School Musical series, the hilarious Cars movies, or any of Marvel’s smash hit films. There is truly something for everyone at Disney, and it is part of the reason that the company has stayed in the public’s mind and hearts for the last century.

However, no list of Disney franchises could be complete without the forever iconic Pirates of the Caribbean franchise being brought up. The five films, which premiered between 2003 and 2o17, were international blockbuster hits. The franchise lives on in the Disney Parks, where the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and the Captain Jack Sparrow meet and greet remain fan-favorite activities.

Johnny Depp: How Disney’s #1 Guy Became Disposable

It is not controversial to say that a big reason why the Pirates of the Caribbean films succeeded as much as they did is because of the incredible performance by Johnny Depp. Despite being a part of so many incredible films, the actor is most often remembered for his performance of a lifetime as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the actor and musician. Depp recently made worldwide news due to his legal battle with his ex-wife and fellow actor, Amber Heard. Leading up to their day in court, Depp was accused of domestic violence towards Heard. Because of these claims, many brands and studios severed ties with Depp.

Perhaps one of the most hurtful incidents came when Disney, who had profited billions off of Depp’s films, decided to turn their back on the actor as well. Disney even went as far as to announce they are developing a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film without Johnny Depp returning.

If You Mess With Depp, He’ll Work for Your Competitor…

Eventually, the public’s opinion of Depp drastically began to improve after the highly publicized court proceedings. Now, Johnny Depp is back in show business and ready to begin working. While many fans assumed that Depp would return to Disney after his image improved, it turns out that he instead is choosing to work for a competitor.

Johnny Puff: Secret Mission is the much-anticipated upcoming animated film produced by AK Entertainment and Melies Producciones. This thrilling adventure follows the lovable puffin, Johnny Puff, as he embarks on a daring secret mission to save his beloved village from the evil plans of villain Otto Von Walrus.

Voiced by the talented Johnny Depp, Johnny Puff takes on the role of a courageous guitar-playing puffin. Depp deciding to do a goofy, animated comedy, something that Disney has mastered over the years, with another company may just be enough to ruffle some feathers with executives.

The film is supposed to come sometime in late 2023 or early 2024, so fans will closely be watching out for that.

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