Chris Hemsworth is the cutest pillow for his kids. dung

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This photo of Chris Hemsworth and his kids napping on top of him during a flight proves he’s the ultimate father.

Hemsworth’s Spanish wife Elsa Pataky snapped her hunky hubby sleeping on the plane cuddling up close to his four-year-old daughter, India, and one of his two-year-old twin sons.

Chris Hemsworth is hands down the best father in the world. Photo: Instagram

“Nothing better than sleeping in papa’s arms!” Pataky captioned her Instagram image.

The adorable photo depicts a sleepy Chris wrapping his arms around his two kids, both of which are completely passed out on his chiseled chest.

Amidst the sleeping beauties lies a packet of unfinished Smith’s Original chips. What a site!

Dad’s hands are interlocked tight to make sure his bubba’s stay put. While his son looks like he’s got a firm grip around Chris’ neck, India looks like she’s hanging on by a thread!

Hemsworth, wife Elsa Pataky and their three kids are living the dream in Byron Bay. Photo: Getty Images

This isn’t the first time Pataky has captured Chris mid dad duty.

The 32-year-old father of three has proved many a times he’s the best dad in the world.

Hemsworth saved his daughter's special day last month by baking her a dinosaur cake. Photo: Instagram

Last month the Thor actor put on his baking hat for the day and saved his daughter’s birthday by baking her the dinosaur cake she so badly wanted, after a busy Byron Bay Baker turned the job down.

Chris and his family are living the dream based in sunny Byron Bay by the water on NSW’s North Coast.

Hemsworth has proved to us many times before he's the ultimate father. Photo: Instagram

He’s made it very clear this is where he wants to be, telling The Daily Mail he has no desire to live in Los Angeles now he is a reputable actor.

“We’re spending more and more time back in Australia and I definitely want the kids to grow up here and spend time here,” he said.

“We were in California a lot I missed it here and my wife missed it too so that was our goal to get back here.”

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