A stray kitten enters just before a significant downpour, and the little cat now demands to be held constantly.

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A stray kitten moved inside right before the heavy downpour. Now, the young cat wants to be held all day.

calico kitten snuggly

A calico kitten was seen roaming from backyard to backyard in a neighborhood of Brooklyn. A family came to her aid and provided food and water. When other cats left the area, she stayed.

The kitten named Nico was very fearful, yet she craved affection. She curled up into a ball whenever she was held, and didn’t try to flee or resist petting. The finders reached out to Gissell of Paws of Hope NYC and asked if she could help.

“Nico was smart enough to stick around. I knew we were expecting terrible weather the very next day, so I immediately called my vet to see if they could accommodate me the same day for a wellness check,” Gissell shared with Love Meow.

stray kitten rescued

The kitten was treated for fleas but otherwise healthy. She was initially very nervous, but quickly found solace in the arms of the veterinary staff. She let them pick her up and fondly cradle her

“She loves to be held like a baby and is enjoying all the extra love and attention.”

cuddly calico kitten

Danette Oberg who volunteers for the rescue, heard that the kitten needed a foster home. She sprang into action and welcomed Nico into her care.

“Paws of Hope NYC is a small foster-based rescue, which means that we do not have a physical shelter to house our cats and kittens. As a result, our small team of foster parents is critical to our effort to save lives.”

kitten post bath towel

Nico was weary and shy after the long ordeal but continued to be receptive to touch.

“She was shaken and scared but very sweet, and would just melt in your arms,” Danette told Love Meow. “The next day, she made quite the mess of her own, and she was still nervous of her new surroundings.”

shy kitten bonding

Danette gave the young cat a much-needed spa treatment. While she was drying the kitten, Nico drew comfort from her care.

“She lay on my desk all day while I worked, and in that I believe she knew she was safe. She napped and napped.”

sleeping calico kitten

That day, the rain poured down in sheets which caused severe floods in parts of New York City. “Nico was rescued Thursday, right before the storm.”

While the deluge raged on outside, beating against the windows, inside Nico was cozy and tucked into her warm blanket.

snuggly kitten calico shy

“She’s still very scared but she’s comfy with me. I hold her as much as I can, so she knows she’s safe.”

The following day, Danette woke up to a sweet purr machine, pining for love. Nico nestled against her chest contentedly for as long as she could

cuddly kitten calico

Slowly but surely, Nico is coming out of her shell and even starting to play with toys that are still new to her.

“She loves to nuzzle in my neck. Her fur is incredibly soft.”

snuggly kitten cat shoulder

Thanks to the timely rescue, Nico will never have to go hungry or brave the precarious streets again.

She’s steadily gaining confidence as her walls continue to melt away. She’s savoring all the luxuries of the good life and the boundless cuddles from her foster mom.

snuggly kitten calico


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