A Feline’s Unwavering Affection Shines Through Despite Unnoticed Blindness

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Cats that face challenges may not realize they are different from other cats. However, these special needs cats can still exhibit liveliness, curiosity, and affection like any other feline friends. Moet the Blind Cat’s early life was less than ideal as she was born in Oman and sold to a pet store. She found herself confined to a metal cage with other kittens, who were eventually picked over and left her alone. Moet became ill with cat flu, which unfortunately spread to her eyes and continued to worsen day by day. Sadly, she was completely ignored and left to suffer alone. This sweet white Persian kitten needed to be rescued as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the team at Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic in Muscat, Oman discovered Moet’s condition and were able to save her life. Sadly, her eyes were beyond repair due to a severe infection, and she had to undergo an emergency surgery to have them removed. Despite the loss of her vision, Moet’s life took a positive turn six days later when she was comforted by a kind woman’s sweet voice. This was the first time she experienced human kindness, and as a result, Moet came out of her shell and even rolled over for a belly rub.

Emily, a woman who fell in love with Moet upon their first meeting, believed that they were meant to be together forever. She has been residing with Moet since September 2014. Allow me to introduce you to Moet the Blind Cat, an adorable feline who underwent maltreatment and agony during her early years but now embraces all the opportunities life has to offer.

I recently had a chat with Emily to get some insights about a charming feline named Moet, who has a contagious smile that can light up anyone’s day. When I asked Emily about Moet’s personality, she shared that Moet is a cheerful and affectionate cat, but tends to get easily bored (maybe because she can’t sit still like the rest of the feline family). Moet demands a lot of playtime and attention, even though she isn’t fond of sitting on laps.

Is there anything special about Moet that you want to share with others? Well, for one, Moet generously donates all the profits from her online store and book sales to a local animal rescue organization. That’s right – every penny goes towards helping animals in need. Additionally, Moet’s remarkable abilities often leave people questioning whether she is truly blind when they meet her in person. (To check out Moet’s online store, click here.)

Does she have any feline companions in her home? The owner confirms that they have another rescue cat named Luna, who was also saved by the Al Qurum Veterinarians. Moet’s coat is stunning! Is she receiving any additional care to maintain her beauty? According to her owner, Moet doesn’t require any assistance, but she frequently cleans her teeth and loves being brushed. You can keep up with Moet the Blind Cat on social media by checking out her links below. Additionally, visit her website for more information.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Emily for rescuing Moet and taking care of other stray cats. It’s simply amazing how you have touched the lives of these furry creatures. I am grateful for the opportunity to share your inspiring story with our readers at Cattitude Daily. You are a true angel to Moet and a hero to all animal lovers out there! Please spread the word and share this heartwarming tale with others who appreciate happy endings. If you’re fond of Persian cats, be sure to visit cattitudedaily.com to learn more about them.

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