Keanu Reeves had a difficult midlife crisis moment and blamed his hormones for going through the “Classic 40 Meltdown” by saying, “I don’t know where I am anymore”

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“I don’t know where I am anymore”: Keanu Reeves Had a Tough Mid-Life Crisis Moment, Blamed His Hormones For Having the “Classic 40 Meltdown”

Midlife crisis or midlife realization is a phase that many individuals encounter as they navigate their way through life. While not everyone experiences it in the same way or to the same degree, it is a common juncture marked by introspection and self-evaluation. This period, typically occurring in one’s 40s or 50s, prompts people to reassess their goals, values, and priorities.

Keanu Reeves in a still from John Wick: Chapter 4

The same happened with Keanu Reeves, the beloved actor known for his iconic roles in films like The Matrix and John Wick. He once shared candid insights into his personal experience with a midlife crisis when he reached the age of 40.

Keanu Reeves had a ”meltdown” When He Turned 40

In a revealing interview, Keanu Reeves, the now 59-year-old actor spoke about the challenges he faced during this pivotal phase of his life. He recounted how he found himself grappling with a mix of emotions and introspection as he approached this milestone age.

Keanu Reeves

I had the classic 40 meltdown, I did. It’s embarrassing. It was pretty funny. But then I recovered. To me, it was like a second adolescence. Hormonally, my body was changing, my mind was changing, and so my relationship to myself and the world around me came to this assault of finiteness.”

The actor described how he sought solace in various ways to cope with this challenging period.

It was also the end of the projection of my younger self. I came to the place where I thought, ‘I don’t know where I am anymore but where have I come from and what am I doing?’

Reeves said that his midlife crisis was a difficult time, but it also helped him to grow and learn. He said that he came out of the experience with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

In his 40s, Keanu Reeves Continued to Take on a Variety of Iconic and Memorable Roles

Keanu Reeves is one of the most versatile and talented actors in Hollywood. From action-packed blockbusters to thought-provoking dramas, Reeves proved that age was no barrier to his versatility and talent.

Keanu Reeves reprised his role as Neo, the hacker turned savior of humanity, in the groundbreaking science fiction series The Matrix (1999-2003).

The Matrix star, Keanu Reeves

In 2004, Reeves starred as John Wick, a retired hitman who is forced to return to his old life after his dog is killed. John Wick was a stylish and action-packed thriller, and Reeves gave a brutal and badass performance.

So, in his 40s, Reeves tackled a wide array of roles, from the philosophical Neo to the relentless John Wick.



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