20 Garden Landscape Design Ideas Illustrated with Enchanting Images

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A garden landscape design will beautify your gardens and give it a unique look. However, designing a garden area is not easy; you need to have an eye for it. If you have a large garden space, it is recommended to get professional advice to decide on a garden landscape design.

Having a garden landscape design that is in sync with your home architecture and the general environment of your space is very important, as this will complete your home exterior decoration.

In the blog below, we let you in on 20 unique garden landscape design ideas that involve vertical garden walls, the right kind of garden furniture, and plants of course. Additionally we also suggest 3 unique flowers to add to your garden space to make it look even more inviting. Read on:

20 Appealing Garden Landscape Design Ideas

A landscaped garden can look beautiful. Check the options below to see how you can best beautify your garden.

Install a mid-garden space for dining

If you want your garden to be beautiful and highly functional, do not forget to install a mid-garden dining space. Just throw in a rustic setting with some wooden furniture and you are good to go. It will be the perfect spot to host cosy outdoor dinners and lunches with your friends and family.

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A mid-garden dining space is perfect for hosting friends and families

Splurge on a beautiful rose garden

Want to achieve the ultimate romantic garden in your house? Do not hesitate to splurge on different types of roses for decorating your garden. It is considerably easier to maintain a garden with only one type of flower. Further, different colors and varieties of roses can make a garden look straight out of a fairytale.

Nothing is more beautiful than a rose garden

Install a brick fire pit

Fire pits are perfect for all those barbeque parties you plan to hold in your backyard. In particular, if you like to hang out in your garden space with your friends and family, a fire pit can keep you warm in the winters. Simply arrange some beautiful chairs around the pit and get the perfect spot to relax.

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A brick fire pit adds a rustic charm to any garden

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Go for an intimate pergola

Taking inspiration from classic French architecture, you can opt to construct an intimate pergola in your kitchen. It provides shade from the harsh sunlight so that you can spend more time in your garden. Some bistro chairs and a wicker table can suit the ambiance well.

An intimate pergola is a beautiful garden décor element

Opt for ivy-covered garden walls

English Ivy has been recognized as an indispensable garden décor element over the years. So, you can dedicate the garden walls to this pretty plant. Simply let the ivy cover the garden walls and fences to lend it a natural, ethereal appearance.

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Ivy-covered walls help to beautify a garden

Style with symmetric stone pavers

If it is the garden flooring you want to concentrate on, say it all with symmetric stone pavers. These constitute one of the most important elements of landscape garden design. It helps to give a characteristic structure to a garden.

Symmetric stone pavers can add structure to a garden

Install an ornate ceramic fountain

An evergreen favorite garden décor idea is to install an elaborate and ornate ceramic fountain. It provides a vintage look to your garden while adding a beautiful element to it. Switch things up and go for a heated water dispenser to add some more drama to the entire set-up.

An ornate fountain makes your garden look regal

Build a small pool as a part of the garden

Many homeowners prefer to have a small water area in their garden. For such water babies, a garden pool is a perfect solution. This unique garden landscaping design can assist in incorporating a modern or rustic expanse of water in the lap of nature, as per your preference.

A small pool can be a fun element in your garden

Adorn with beautiful tree lanterns

An easy way to light up your garden is to introduce elegant tree lanterns to the area. Opt for innovative shapes and materials for the lantern. Be it transparent glass bulbs, small braided light holders, or twinkling fairy lights, tree lanterns can make your garden look landscape gorgeous.

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Decorating your garden trees with intricate tree lanterns is a good idea

Invest in sculpted hedges

A lush garden landscape may be achieved with the help of sculpted hedges. These prim and proper shrub elements add structure and panache to your little garden paradise. Opt for boxwood hedges, cypress, ficus, and lavender to decorate the area.

Sculpted hedges add definition to a garden space

Opt for a modern landscape layout

A popular garden landscape design is to incorporate sleek modern elements to the area. A modern landscape can be achieved by bringing in chairs suitable for all weathers, minimalist tree planting, and elegant lighting options. These little tricks can help to spruce up your garden.

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Line a winding path with colorful flower beds

If a garden is synonymous with color and beauty for you, vibrant flowerbeds are a must-have. This landscaping idea works particularly well for gardens that line a driveway or a pathway leading up to the house. Decorate it with colorful flower varieties like lavender, lilies, dahlias, and roses.

Winding garden paths are best when lines with pretty flower beds

Incorporate a rustic feel with stone stairs

Want to add an ancient manor vibe in your house’s outdoor décor? Build a stone stairway in your garden. This structural element can add depth and definition to the area while maintaining a rustic feel to it.

Stone stairs can add to the drama of your beautiful garden

Give a citrus appeal to your garden

If you are looking to naturally brighten up your garden space, go for a fruity, citrus appeal. Planting gorgeous orange or lime trees can greatly enhance the charm of any garden. Turn your garden into a sweet-smelling mini-orchard in the blink of an eye.

Citrus trees make for a heavenly smelling garden

Add a beautiful porch swing

A porch swing can be the perfect solution for people who love to spend a lot of time in the garden. You can choose from among different materials for this piece of furniture such as pine, cedar, wicker, and teak for your swing. Simply idle your time away as you relax on this swing and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Beautiful porch swings are a good garden décor element

Install a flower-covered gazebo

One of the most beautiful elements of landscape garden design is a gazebo. Step it up a notch and go for a classic French-style flower-covered gazebo or pavilion right in the middle of your garden. It can be used all around the year for outdoor leisure.

A gazebo adorned with flowers can spruce up your garden

A multi-level garden with a raised lawn ensures that you utilize all the space available and works well for small spaces. Make sure that you plant enough shrubbery and plants on each level or step of the garden landscape. Cover the major area with well-trimmed grass to give it an aesthetic aura.

Elevated garden lawns can make your garden look dynamic

Add an outdoor shower area to your garden

If you want to add a modern element to your garden without deviating from its original décor theme, consider adding an outdoor shower area to it. Opt for wooden enclosures and tiled pathways to define the area. Further, you can decorate the surrounding area with natural vines and shrubs.

An outdoor shower area provides added functionality to your garden

Save space with a concise rooftop garden

Do you desperately want a garden but are running short on space? It is not always necessary to have an elaborate garden space spanning acres in your backyard or driveway. A terrace garden is a perfect solution to incorporate a beautiful green element to your house while saving space. Opt for tropical plants and an overgrown vibe to complete the look.

Rooftop gardens are real space-savers

Choose a Zen landscape design for your garden

Last but not least, a Zen garden is the perfect landscape design idea. It operates on a minimalist garden set-up that leaves room for contemplation and relaxation. Go for angular fountains and well-pruned shrubbery for this type of garden.

A minimalist Zen landscape for your garden is a brilliant idea

3 Unique Flowering Plants for Your Garden

Here are some unique plants for your garden that will instantly brighten up your space and add to the uniqueness of your garden landscape design.

Birds of Paradise: A mix of beautiful colours in a unique shape, the bird of paradise plant is a great choice for landscapes in India. They are used to growing in hot, tropical temperatures and make for interesting flowers in a garden landscape design.

Birds of paradise make for beautiful additions in a garden landscape design. (Source: Pinterest)

Red Hot Poker Plant: Just like the name suggests, the flowers on this plant come in the form of small and narrow cylindrical spikes and look like red hot flames from a distance.

Sunflower: Bright and beautiful, the sunflower will follow the sun and make your garden look stunning throughout the day. With its happy looking features, the plant adds vibrancy and joy to your space and how!

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