The strange and humorous behaviors of cats, including 50 pictures

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We all know cats are special creatures, that’s part of the reason we love them so much! I would like to see a puppy climb up into a tree or sleep in positions that could land them a gig as a professional contortionist. But if you’re a parent to a fluffy feline, you’ve likely caught them doing something before that begged you to ask the question, “What is wrong with my cat?” Well, you can rest easy, pandas, because every other cat owner has been in the same shoes.

#1 When You Try To Sneak Downstairs For A Warm Glass Of Milk But You Hit A Squeaky Floorboard And Awaken The Sentinels

#2 I Am Bat Cat

#3 Frankie Never Gets The Joke

#4 He Believes He Is Absolutely Invisible

PlatinumTheCatThere is no cat in this picture, just a rug▲ 265 ▼

#5 Does Arabella Bite? No. Worse – She Judges

#6 Gulliver Is A Master Of Weird

#7 Princess – 19 Years Young!

#8 Auditioning To Play The Body On Csi

#9 My Cat Staring At Nothing


#10 I Think He’s Feeling A Bit Chilly

#11 This Is My Cat In Her Casserole Dish. I Don’t Know Why She Loves It, But It Is Where She Sleeps The Most Right Now

#12 She’s Actually Normal, It’s Everybody Else Who’s Upside Down

#13 Francis Says Good Morning!

#14 A Zombie Cat Consuming Its Victim’s Brains

#15 He Likes To Sit Like This And Bite His Toes For Fun

#16 My Silly Cat Was Sleeping Like This

#17 Beans Stands Very Often For Long Periods

#18 My Cat Didn’t Like My Shampoo

#19 They’re…fine

#20 I’m Melting! I’m Meltinggggg!

#21 Why I Have Fur On My Clothes

#22 How He Slept On My Expensive Silk Pillow Case Today

#23 Charlie Watching Dateline

#24 If I Fell Asleep Like This I Would Be Having Neck Pain For Weeks

#25 This Cat Actually Loves Belly Rubs

#26 Just Taking A Nap

#27 My Cat’s Favourite Sleeping Arrangement: Belly Side Up And On The Bean Bag

#28 This Is Six, He Likes To Attack People And Be A General Nuisance

#29 I Call Him “Mr. Big”

#30 He Thinks “Don’t Snore In My Ear” Means “Plz Snore In My Ear”

#31 Cat Loves To Be Outside Looking In. I Open The Door, She Refuses. I Bring Her In, She Whines To Go Out. Guess Janet Just Likes The Voyeuristic Perspective

#32 We Think He May Need Braces

#33 Mother I Crave Violence!

#34 I Guess Laying Beside Your Sister In The Sun Was Just Not An Option

#35 This Is How Izzy Sits

#36 Ouch

#37 Miss Congeniality

#38 Ground Control To Major Tom…

#39 Seymour Blue Likes To Be Touching Me At All Times When I’m Laying Down. This Is How He Chose To Do So

#40 One Cubic Cat Please

#41 Insisting On Being A Tortoise (With The Real One Sleeping Inside

#42 Cat Politely Refuse To Be Petted

#43 Lucipurr Is Such A Weird Lil Dude. He Also Has More Than One Tooth

#44 When You Remember That Embarrassing Moment From Years Ago

#45 What Do You Think Happened…?

#46 What

#47 I Left The Pantry Open For One Minute

#48 Ok, Let It Be Tweet-Tweet

#49 Come Up With The Name For The Photo

#50 Maggie Trying To Be Subtle

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